SHEMFORD Chhindwara provides such an educational environment to the students that is most conducive, interesting, motivating not only for academic excellence, but also for total personality development, meant to groom the children such that they become the stars of tomorrow.
Our teaching process is designed to bring a change for the better future and discover the inherent talent & imagination of each child with individual care, guidance, mental and moral support. The ShemEduMAXTM School System & Curriculum’s approach to learning focuses on areas like enhancing personality, developing conversation skills, imbibing values, sports activities, encouraging social and community activities etc. which are inculcated in the SHEMFORD Stars other than the regular classroom teaching.

SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Chhindwara introduced a paradigm shift in education from normal to high, slow to swift, unproductive to productive & comprehensive to application-based teaching-learning process.

SHEMFORD Chhindwara takes care of the demands of the education system and parent’s needs as well. The school aims at treasuring each student individually as a citizen of India. The school operates with a view to open new educational avenues of excellence to meet the needs of the children so as to help them move ahead on the path of excellence. 

Shem Foundation Programme (Pre-Nursery to KG-Senior /Age 2.5 to 5.5 years):
• Children learn and discover from the Western and Eastern educational philosophy as the curriculum integrates children's physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs
• Children learn better when they can relate to what they know and the knowledge being imparted to them
• They actively participate in the Activity Arcade where they can learn while having fun

Primary Years Programme (Class 1- Class V / Age 6 to 10 years):
• Students joyfully explore the world, ask questions & build other skills
• They observe and experience the world through exciting themes like family, festivals, nature etc. that brings together many subjects
• Children build basic vocabulary along with developing listening and verbal skills, listen to and tell stories, write freely and read with interest
• They understand all the concepts of numbers and acquire the skills to apply it to basic mathematical operations such as counting, addition, subtraction, classifying and sequencing objects etc., under the supervision and guidance of the proficient teachers 

Middle Years Programme (Class VI- Class VIII / Age 11 to 13 years):
• Children deeply understand all the new and basic concepts in Science, Language, Math and Social Science
• They create projects related to the subjects
• Students develop the power of questioning about how things work, master the concepts, apply knowledge and discover the hidden talents inherent in them.
• Children handle several situations, express feelings, work in teams, make decisions etc.
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Transport Facility:
SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Chhindwara offers safe and convenient transport facility to the children. To ensure the safety of the children in the school buses and cabs, they are accompanied by care takers both in the morning as well afternoon. Besides this, a First-Aid Box is also available in the school buses & vans.

SHEMFORD Chhindwara provides the transport facilities in the following regions:
• Geetanjali Colony
• Janta Colony
• Boria
• Shukludhana
• Ganj Area
• Jhanda Khairi
• Chandangoan
• Parasia Naka
• Lalbagh
• Tilak Market
• Narsinghpur Road
• Bindra Colony
• Satyam Shivam Colony
• Church Gate
• Seoni Pran Moti etc.