School Admissions for 3+ Children


I came across a news snippet regarding school admissions in Delhi and feel the need to share it with the audience. As we know, many schools have adopted the score based system of admitting the children in the school, especially nursery admissions, there is some good news for parents whose children are more than three years.

As per reports, a number of schools award more points to children who are above the age of 3 years. Some schools award 10 and some 15 points for children of age above 4 years and below 4 and a half years. This provision follows as part of the obligation by the education bodies to prioritize the school admissions for less privileged cases.

It can be viewed as a positive development as children who are just two years and above can wait another year or find it better at preparatory schools. Children who are above 3 years or 4 years should be admitted, otherwise they will find themselves with lesser age groups.

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