Affiliation is one popular way of getting formally associated with an organisation or agency. School affiliation as such is a kind of partnership between the school and some other education institution.

There are proper laws that regulate the nature and the terms of school affiliation. The most important ones are the school affiliations with education and examination boards such as CBSE, ICSE and state boards.

Affiliation like partnership is based upon some specified support services and benefits rendered by the accredited institution to the one that seeks the affiliation. In Indian school system, the affiliation with popular examination boards is a popular example. Examination boards like CBSE and others conduct the examinations and provide the certification that has external validity. Other than that the board also provides the school curriculum.

School affiliation also determines the standard of education in India. This is because the schools that are affiliated have to conform to the rules and regulation set forth by the body that gives the affiliation. For instance, CBSE gives affiliation to those schools only that meet the requirements given in the affiliation byelaws. Since these byelaws are related to the management and administration of the school, therefore particular norms have to be followed by the schools.

Is School Affiliation necessary?
Government schools do not necessarily need to be affiliated with any institution. But for private schools the situation is quite different. In Indian education system, state departments look after primary and secondary education. To graduate from Indian schools, the school has to allow either the state boards or recognized boards to conduct the examinations. CBSE is one such recognized board and a self-sustaining private board. Therefore the choices for any school is either get affiliated with the recognized boards or approach the state boards.

Advantages of School Affiliation
CBSE and ICSE are two popular school boards in India. Schools prefer to get affiliated because of high standards for quality education supported by the board. Private schools with CBSE and ICSE affiliations happen to be the premier schools in India.

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