Business franchising has received great attention in this country and for reasons that can well be justified. It serves an established business group or enterprise as well as a startup project or an entrepreneur. For an established business group, franchising offers the best practice to expand the business, and for an entrepreneur it gives leverage, a platform that has already been built. In the last couple of decades, school franchising in India has observed a cosmic growth. Some established schools and popular brands in India offer school franchising. The franchisee or the person investing capital and infrastructure is given exclusive rights to use the name and trademarks. School franchising has had an overall good effect on the society. Since the established schools or the franchisors have gone through all the stages of developing a school and the study center, the implementation of the same standards is easy and practical. One can find a lot of branches for different type of schools like preschools, primary schools, secondary schools and senior secondary. These branches may either be owned or administered by one core group or may be existing as the franchisee units, operated by the franchisees. Investing in schools or education in itself offers a great opportunity in India. This country has a great demand for the primary and secondary school educations. The schools are few and fewer are the ones that provide quality education. Investing in a school is also a long time investment. A successful school continues to give benefits for endless times. Therefore, profits are recurring and accumulative in nature. It is due to this reason that school is sometimes considered or counted as an asset. As we have discussed different types of schools; the investments depend on the establishment of any of these types. For preschools and nursery schools investments are low and school franchising helps a lot. For primary secondary and senior secondary, investments are generally higher. Further, it depends on the franchising model as well; as some franchisors ask for more capital, as security, development and other charges.

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