In today’s competitive world, education is counted as one of the basic necessities for mankind after food, clothing and shelter. With passing time, its importance in India is indeed rising at a fast pace. Although, India has been a great source of learning & education for many years, still there is a need for improvement not only in the quality of education but also on the number of schools that provide standard education to students. Hence, seeing this increasing demand for more and more schools many people are taking a step forward to start their own school.

In case you too want to invest your time and money in education sector, consider the following opportunities of school projects in India.

Preschools – Preschools, play schools, kindergartens, Montessori schools etc. play an important role in grooming small children for their academic growth and prepare them for higher education. Besides this, such schools focus on making children learn all the basic life skills in a playful manner. In addition to this, parents of today rely on preschools as it aims at providing a secure home-like environment for their children where they can learn and grow in a healthy & comfortable atmosphere.

Formal schools – Primary schools, secondary schools and senior secondary schools together forms the formal school system. Such schools are the first step of every child towards compulsory education. The purpose of such schools is to provide learning & teaching environment to the students to encourage all round development of students and prepare them for future challenges. Moreover, parents are also fast realising the importance of education and insist on sending their children to such schools.

Due to this importance of schools in our lives, many people are willing to invest in schools. Moreover, investing in school is a lucrative idea as it not only fetches you profits but also help you to garner respect in the society. If you too want to start your own school project in India, you may either take up a school franchise or open a school on your own. However, taking up a school franchise of a reputed brand is a much better option as it offers a low capital investment model. One such brand is the SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools. So, get associated with the most trusted brand by filling the franchise application form given here.

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