There is a class of people who endeavour to lay the foundation of a school rather than establish a good hotel or restaurant. School is an altogether different institution and it enjoys a special status in our society. The values attributed to it makes it a noble institution in the Indian context. However, in modern times school establishment has to qualify for several needs.

For the information of start-ups, establishing a new school demands exhaustive efforts and funds. On the other hand buying a school franchise is plainly simple and accomplishable. Read the following points that evaluate school franchise vs. new schools.

Capital Required:
The capital required to buy a school franchise is much lower than start with a new concept. There are many aspects of successfully running the school, which can be availed by opting for a franchise model. It is one of the pressing concern for the school start up.

Readymade School Model:
Franchise gives a readymade school model, which has been tested and fully operational. For an entrepreneur who has to spend a lot of money and efforts in starting a school it is very annoying to bring in changes from time to time till everything stabilizes.

Training and Technical Support:
Franchise model also provides the necessary training and technical support. For a newcomer the first few months would be really sluggish as all school procedures have to be learnt. With proper training and assistance school franchisee can kick start from day one.

There are many issues related to the school registration, affiliation and legal procedures. If an entrepreneur starts anew, he has to spend a lot of time in researching about the legal procedures and registration processes. School franchisors have a thorough knowledge of these procedures and franchisee has the advantage of saving time and resources as the information is all shared by the franchisor.

Hence there are many votes in favour of franchise, in the business battle – school franchise vs. new schools.

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