The Argument
School uniforms have lately become the subject of many arguments with many people advocating their total removal. However, such people tend to ignore the fact that the school is supposed to provide an environment of education and discipline and a uniform is just a tool in order to achieve this purpose. Does the idea of dressing independently during school years really benefit a student? To a certain extent it does, but the benefits of having a school uniform are much more.

School Uniforms for Safer Schools
School uniforms help to make the schools safer. Recently, the spate of school campus-related violent incidents has increased dramatically. The presence of school uniforms means that the school campus offers no possibility of gang memberships among students, based upon what colours they chose to wear. The presence of a uniform also minimizes violence in the school as the chances of discrimination based upon one’s sense of dressing are eliminated. Uniforms make it easier for trespassers to be identified. This ensuresgreater safety for everyone in the school.

Equality among Students
School uniforms are helpful in removing socio-economical barriers. Students come from various backgrounds but once inside the school, such difference should be forgotten. The presence of new, designer wear clothes could create such kind of discrimination. With the presence of uniforms for students, parents’ incomes don’t establish how their children feel in the school site. For middle-class families, the idea of buying fashionable clothes for school-going children means anxiety. But with the school uniforms in place, parents are no longer weighed down by the latest fashion trends and the family saves on money.

The school that advocates school uniforms also promotes organization and discipline within the classroom. This helps in creating a learning environment and culturing students.

School Uniform for Better Students
Once it is established that every student must dress the same way, the need to obsessively worry about one’s clothes, hairstyles and shoes is removed. With a proper dress code in place, there is little or no scope for trying out various fashion trends. This means that the tendency of students to get distracted is minimised. In this manner, school students are likely to concentrate more upon studies rather than comparing the latest outfit they are wearing. Uniformed students also have a more secular and acceptable look as students in a school could come from various faiths or even nationalities. When the option of dressing in one’s regional colours is not an option, differences based on cultural backgrounds are also reduced.

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