Ask any graduate about the golden days of life and you will hear a lot about the college. Indian colleges are famous for mellow learning environments and great freedom to the students who can be seen indulging in a lot of activities. Schools on the other hand offer strict environments where discipline and behaviour is always under the scanner.

Much of the concepts imbibed in Indian education system are those that have been imparted by the erstwhile rulers, the British. No major reformations in the school education have taken place over the last so many decades.

However, college and schools in India have developed along their own lines. The college campus is the protected zone for the students where they are free to express themselves and their inherent faculties, but under certain limits. Also, with exposure to foreign colleges and universities, the institutions have given up the practice of strict policing. However, too much freedom and very little interventions have not been favourable in many places. Several university and college campuses have become the seats of student vandalism and breeding centers of politics. Many mainstream political parties have encroached upon such territories and are delineating the students from achieving their primary goal.

Schools and colleges in India are distance apart so far as the student life and learning environment is concerned. Many educationists are of the belief that the strict school environs have curbed the full development of the students. Rather the conditioning of the students has been in such a way so as to devoid the creative expressions in them. It is because of this reason that a number of new concept schools have emerged to overhaul the existing education system. How far they will be successful is debatable. But one thing is quite sure – the college will continue to be the apple of the eye.

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