Educational institutes are tremendously increasing across the country. There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration before opening a school. A school is considered as the binding factor that creates a condusive learning environment for a child to grow and come up with the flying colors. Therefore, it is an important that a school must follow what it plans.

Starting a school is a very cumbersome work because it involves several complex processes and procedures. Besides this, the point of affiliation needs to be taken into account. Affiliation of a school is necessary because it forms the base medium of the school. It provides different subjects and topics to be included in the curriculum so that the same can be used to set the pattern of the examination. Affiliation results in formation of a standardized procedure to study.

Two major affiliating boards include CBSE and ICSE Board. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education and ICSE stands for Indian Certificate for Secondary Education. ICSE is a private and non-governmental board of education in India for class 10th examination. The Medium of Instruction in this Board is only English. On the other hand, CBSE has a wide coverage of schools including Kendriya Vidyalayas and private schools under its affiliation. It conducts examination for both class 10th and class 12th under AISSCE (All India Secondary School Education) and AISSCE (All India Senior School Certificate Examination) respectively. Also, examination and curriculum is considered in both English and Hindi Medium of Instruction.

There is difference between the procedure and rules for affiliation of these boards.

Following are the documents which need to be ready at the time of affiliation: 

No Objection Certificate (NOC) generated by the Government of India.

Acceptable lease period of land to be used for school is 30 years and should be in the name of Society/ Trust running the school.

Sufficient staff should be available for teaching.

Staff should be provided with the Salaries as per the Government stated norms.

So, you should be aware of these factors about affiliation and ensure that it has been followed in the same way!

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