Whether it is primary, secondary or higher education, student evaluation and assessment is ineluctable. It gives a very practical form to the learning and is the benchmark to measure the effectiveness of the education system. The education system in India has a unique school and college exams system in India.

Student Assessment and Examinations
Examinations are the chief means of evaluating the performance of the students. There are different practices found at large in Indian schools and education imparting institutes. The most salient among the examinations are board examinations and the entrance examinations to qualify for professional courses.

School and Board Exams
School examinations in India happen round the clock in the academic calender. There are monthly assessments and tests, which are aggregated biannually and annually. Admission in the next class is based on the annual examination and assessment.

The state boards and other popular school boards conduct at least two examinations that are as much as feared by the students. These examinations are – matriculation or Class 10th and Senior Secondary or Class 12th exams.

Entrance Examinations
These are the most severe in terms of competition. Once the senior secondary is over, a large volume of students all over India start preparing for the entrance tests held for admissions in professional colleges and courses. The most coveted ones are the CET (common entrance test for medical and engineering colleges), CAT (common admission tests for business and management schools), and university admissions tests.

Special Focus on Schooling
With top CBSE and ICSE schools of India grabbing the top positions in various merit lists of competitive exams, the focus of education has shifted on schooling. It is a common agreement that the students of renowned schools are well prepared for the tests and obtain maximum seats in various professional and career related tests. Therefore demand for such schools has gone up. Admission tests for colleges are also conducted in any normal calender year.

Role of Intermediate Teaching Centers
In 1990s many intermediate teaching institutes shot to such fame that a large number of them were opened in most of the cities and towns in India. These institutes provided training to help students secure admissions in the competitive exams. These privately run institutes provided their own study material and their pedagogy was focused only on securing the admission.

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