Schools in Delhi Conduct Health Programmes


The Department of Welfare in association with G.B. Pant Hospital and College organised a presentation for the school children on the occasion of Hepatitis Day, on December 4. The agenda or primary goal of this exercise was to spread information about hepatitis among the school children. Also, the organiser wanted to promote the idea of organ donation to save lives of many people who are affected by the disease.


 This year it was the school children of age 12-16, which was considered as the focus group. The children did show much interest and were present on the occasion in good numbers. The awareness about the disease, which take a heavy toll, will help in educating the children from an early age.

 Experts believe that the information disbursed through children may also reach the parents in a positive way. There has been a lot of emphasis on extending the safety net to the majority of the population, which is still vulnerable to the risks.

 SHEMROCK Group of Schools welcomed such exercises and workshops to educate the children on health related topics and concerns. The schools and the society itself conduct many workshops and programmes, to spread the message.  In the last six months, a number of programmes were conducted which were observed with active participation from the parents.

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