In the last couple of decades, awareness about education has marked a great change. Parents and guardians are diligent and careful while educating their kids and kins. The changes are marked not only in the principal cities and commercial hubs where competition has reached to an all time high, but also in the adjacent towns and nearby villages.

So far, the best schools in India are present in and around the major cities. The main reason for the same is the socio-economic conditions and the affordability of quality education at higher expenses. Contemporary education provided in the newly established schools (private) takes care of most of the requirements. In government schools, the same provisions are not possible due to lack of funds. As suburbs have enough government schools and just few private schools, the quality of education used to be compromised. But now, the situation has changed a little and some good schools have reached the suburbs as well.

Popular Schools in Satellite Towns
Popular schools are opening new branches in the suburbs and satellite towns. This trend has been hastened by the demand from various activists and reformers as well the compulsion of the industry. As large number of schools have already been established in cities and major centres, new schools in the satellite towns and nearby regions seem to be probable proposition. Coupled with the fact that socio-economic conditions and lifestyle has been rapidly changing in these areas, new schools find an appropriate place in these regions.

Boarding Schools
Normal day schools which need the students to commute daily to the school have to be established close to the dwelling regions of the targeted population. However, the same may not be applicable for boarding schools. There is no strict restriction as where a boarding school must be located and therefore many of these schools are perfectly located to suit to the needs of the students. Rather it is one of the greatest advantages of the boarding school to be located at an ideal place for learning, one that is far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In short, there is an upmarket for schools even in the suburbs and satellite towns. The only thing required is investors and supporters.
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