Schools Installing CCTV’s


According to the latest reports many schools in the country have started installing CCTVs in the campus to keep an eye on the children. School authorities have proclaimed that cameras and other equipment had to be installed for security reasons. However, some parents have discouraged such measures and said that it would affect the behaviour of their children.

cctv in schools
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Cameras and CCTVs have been installed at most of the public places like metro stations, shopping malls and other places where public flow is maximum. But, it is for the first time that CCTVs have found their way to educational institutes.

There has been a wide debate over the issue of maintaining discipline in the campus by using such arrangements as CCTVs. School authorities who have gone ahead with the proposal are of the opinion that constant monitoring of the children is a prerequisite to maintain discipline in the campus.

According to one official, a reputed school in Kolkata has installed 32 cameras that help to maintain a vision of different places in the campus. People now doubt that such measures can be effective. Instead, they fear that the thought of being watched all the times would have adverse effects on the children.

Last year, there was an incident of a student being shot in the school. Similar incidents have been reported, but their frequency is very low and it rarely happens that children get seriously hurt in a school. Still, that gives school authorities some reasons to bank upon.

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  1. I totally oppose putting cctv camera’s in school. It’s invasion and breach of privacy. 😳

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