Most parents have realised the fact that preschool education plays a vital role in the emotional, intellectual and physical growth of a child. The stepping stone for a child’s education is the right kind of preschooling. Most parents in Delhi seem confused when seeking information about the various preschools.

When searching for a preschool online, people should avoid making the search convenient instead of informative and enlightening. For example, based upon the feedback from a handful of people, a parent might conduct on online search with the term, address of kidzee.

• This kind of search makes the realm of seeking information very limited. The parent is bound to be guided to the website of that particular preschool only.

• In this way, the parents haven’t tried to search for the information including activities/curriculum/facilities related to other preschools. Such kind of a search is very restrictive in its approach. Again, an online search conducted with a term like, address of kidzee, might highlight the branches and addresses of that particular preschool only, i.e. kidzee.

• What about searching into the finer aspects of preschool education in the preschool’s core curriculum? It is only when the whole website of a preschool is read properly, can the parents make an informed and well-researched decision about the quality of education in a particular preschool.

• Again, a search term like, address of kidzee or address of Crayons, becomes a very generic kind of search term and doesn’t specify the city for preschooling preferred.

Here, we have made a sincere effort to provide a consolidated list of the important preschools in North/South/East/West Delhi.

Preschools in North Delhi
The ABC Foundation School
ABC Nursery School
A.J. Convent School
Apex Playway
Barbee Pre-Nursery School
Blooming Kids
Children’s World
Cherish Public School
Euro Kids
First Step
Hans Preparatory School
Shemrock Kingdom
Shemrock Fort, Pitampura.
Shemrock Shevron
Shemrock Glory

Preschools in South Delhi
BC Nursery School
Blooming Buds Pre-Nursery School
Children’s World
First Steps School
Junior Tiny Tots School
Kangaroo Kids – The Pre School
Kids’ Nest Play School
Kiddies Corner
Kidz Play School
Learnium Sr. Senior Secondary School
Shemrock Joyland
Shemrock Flowers
Shemrock Pearls
Shemrock Green
Shemrock Darpan
Shemrock World
Shemrock Springs
Shemrock Paradise
Shemrock Jingles
Shemrock Seedlings
Little Pearls

Preschools in West Delhi
BC Nursery School
Achievers Play School
Adarsh Montessori School
All Saints Nursery
Apple Bee School
B.G.S. International Public School
Bal Vikas DAV Boarding School
Bethany Convent Pre-Nursery School
Columbia Pre-Primary School
Child’s Pride Nursery School Holy Innocents Public School
Kangaroo Kids Pre School
Kids Paradise
Kinder Place Pre School
Shemrock Stars
Shemrock Dwarka
Shemrock Bells
Shemrock Anand
Shemrock Sprouts
Shemrock Gallery

Preschools in East Delhi
Children’s Valley School
Euro Kids
Little Cherubs
Mathew’s Preparatory School
Pearls School
Shemrock Gems
Shemrock Crown
Shemrock Blossoms
Shemrock Nirman
Shemrock Pride
Shemrock Jewels

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