DU to Introduce Semester System


The 11th Five Year Plan has been introduced by the University Grants Commission and there have been several considerable changes when it comes to the universities of the central and the state level. These changes are related to the stress on the written examination system, annual result system etc.

The semester system is one of the major changes that might be introduced in the university courses. Since the exam results are delayed and are released after several months of examination, there might occur many loopholes during this time. Academic delay is another effect. To remove this problem and enable gradual assessment of the students, semester system is proposed to be introduced in the central and state universities.

There is a lot of debate on the issue. Highlights are being made by some educationists giving the benefits of semester system which include study all round the year, internal assessment on a continuous mode, twice an year examination, etc. However, some people are also stressing on the already challenging situation when it comes to declaration of results annually. A lot of energy and time will be wasted and this will be an additional challenge for the teachers and the management. Students however are very keen on introduction of the semester system which will be a great way for them to concentrate on their studies and will make them perform better.

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