Private schools in India have earned a good reputation. There are enough evidences to prove that they have been far successful than government institutions. In this highly competitive era, age-old models of education need some serious reforms and updations.

Many years ago education and business may have sounded as oxymoron. The noble profession that is teaching does not seem to intersect with the business models or commercial interests. But as we know, it is rather the necessity that is the mother of invention and sometime rediscovery. What has been rediscovered in teaching and training students is indeed worth appreciation. That is why we have the some commandments that make private schools in India a popular concept. Read below some of these commandments:

1. Time Management: In private institutions time management is the major concern. Everything has to be completed strictly on or before allocated time. This helps in rapid developments and abstinence from unnecessary delays.

2. Discipline: Private schools lay special emphasis on observing the school codes and maintaining the discipline. It has been found that private schools have been very successful in enforcing the discipline in the school.

3. School Curriculum and Teaching Method: The school curriculum is well researched and designed as per the needs of the day. It is customized to give the students an edge over competitors. Teachings methods are also partly rigid, enabling the students to have an edge.

4. Administrative and Academic Excellence: The set up in private schools is formulated in such a way that the best of the administrative strength is reflected. In academics also students from private schools confirm that private schools cater more to quality education and increasing core competencies in the children.

5. Infrastructure: The infrastructure in private institutions makes sure that the students have the best learning environment. Hygienic conditions and proper sanitation further helps in positive development of the pupil.

6. Attitude of the Educators: The teachers are as much accountable and responsible to teach, as students are to learn. Teacher absenteeism is minimal and the teachers often take a proactive role.

7. Competition: Private schools are engaged in competition with other schools. The school has to prove that its alumni represent the cream in the society. That is why students in private schools in India are more ambitious and career oriented.

These are the commandments that make private schools in India the first choice for the parents.

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