SHEMROCK School presented a unique model of business franchising about two decades ago. The model has been accredited by a number of agencies and the director also received a prestigious award for it. Keeping abreast with the times, the board and organisation has reviewed its policy form time to time and incorporated the necessary changes. Today, they have one more brand of schools, SHEMFORD Schools, to talk about and offer to the franchisees.

The four best questions that people keep asking about and their replies are given below:

Who is Investing the Money?
SHEMROCK and other school chains often claim a great market and potential for extending preschool and primary school education to the franchisees. But who is investing the money? The answer is not much surprising – it is anyone with the capability of investing a relatively small capital and having a developed or undeveloped infrastructure.

Though franchisees are offered to anyone with the necessary criteria of possessing the infrastructure and the financial strength, yet there is a process of selecting only those who can bear the responsibility and be accountable to the organisation.

Are Franchisees offered in all regions in India?
SHEMROCK has near 100 branches established all over India. There are some approved sites and regions, but overall franchisees are not restricted to particular regions. The organisation provides for all the states and cities and also the remote destinations, provided all other criteria are fulfilled.

How can I know about the details of the Business Plan?
You can send us a query and get all required information you wish to know. To help you with, we have our web resources and you can get details from them also. Or you can contact our business development team directly and they will provide you the required information. You can also make personal visit to our corporate office and have a word with the team.

I don’t have time; can you mail me the Business Plan? If you are interested in opening your own school we suggest that you have a direct conversation with our business team. Such an interaction is aimed to remove all discrepancies and doubts. The business plan will be mailed to you on time and in the meantime you can call on the given numbers, which you will find in the Contact Us section.

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