Simple Steps for Opening a CBSE School in India


Simple Steps for Opening a CBSE School in India

In India, opening a school is a time consuming process but the unending demand of the schools has increased the interests of more and more people as they are stepping forward to start a venture.

CBSE is a self-financing body that takes into consideration the needs and requirements of the affiliated schools. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliation is the most popular school examination board. The function of this education board is to conduct school examinations and develop school curriculum for its affiliated schools in India. CBSE affiliations (provisional and permanent) to schools include various rules that need to be followed by them. Besides this, it plays the role of quality controller as well by providing quality education to the affiliated schools. It is the most trusted and popular affiliation board of India.

One can start with a primary school and later take CBSE affiliation for class 8th onwards. But, establishing a CBSE school from the very beginning guarantees quality education and full support of the CBSE Board.


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School setting is not just about constructing physical infrastructure, building classrooms and setting up libraries and labs. It also involves procurement of the licenses and permissions from the concerned authorities at different stages of development of the school.

Various steps are involved in opening a school and getting affiliation like procurement of No Objection Certificate or recommendation by state education department. Therefore, if an individual wants to get CBSE Affiliation, then they have to seek permission from the state department. The state department clarifies the documents and undertakes necessary procedures and either accepts or refuses the application. If, the state department refuses the application, then no affiliation will be granted by CBSE Board. Hence, for conversion of a normal school to CBSE School, the state education department must be fully convinced to get the green signal for conversion.

Depending upon the needs and requirement, an individual can opt for any of the following types of affiliation:

  • Provisional Affiliation
  • Regular Affiliation
  • Permanent Affiliation

CBSE Schools are present all over India because of the increasing demands and need for quality education. Therefore, it has become significant for the schools to get the affiliation from CBSE Board to get listed in the top schools of the country. SHEMFORD is a CBSE School with an established brand name. It is a research based organization with 24 years of experience in the education fraternity. The five star support system provided by SHEMFORD ensures success to the school. This support system includes personalised support, marketing guidance, recruitment and training, academic support and systems control.

To start your own SHEMFORD School, you need to undertake following simple steps:

  • Fill in the details of the franchise form
  • Get the Site Approved by the SHEMFORD Management
  • Sign the Standard Franchise Agreement
  • Confirm about the Financial Arrangements with Funding Institutions (if required)
  • Start the School Designing Process and Incorporate the ShemEduMax™ Concepts in it
  • Start the School Construction as per the plan and layout
  • Procure furniture ,teaching equipment etc. from the Suppliers
  • Follow SHEMFORD guidelines for appointment and recruitment  of the quality staff
  • Advertise well in consultation with the PR and Marketing Department to popularize the brand and the launch of the School
  • Now, just follow the SHEMFORD School System & the ShemEduMax™ Curriculum on a day-to-day basis to ensure a World-Class Schooling Experience for your Children.

Besides this, minimum requirement for a Nursery-Class 12th School (Day School) in Delhi, NCR is 4,000 sq. mts. While in metropolitan cities where population exceeds 25 Lakhs, the land should not be less than 1 acre with adequate building and proper arrangement of other facilities like physical and health education and games or activities in their grounds. In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre.


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39 Replies to “Simple Steps for Opening a CBSE School in India”

  1. I want to know what all you want to open the school in Delhi NCR.

    I mean to say how much money you required to give the franchisee of this Shemford and how much this project will cost me?

    You guys need the full furnished site or you want the land so you can make it or we can make it.

    Please update me the status.

  2. I want to know with the party making the land available,what will be the role of Shemford ?.Will you contribute in financing the building /infrastructure too?.Once the school starts and become operational…and since the schools run on a non-profit mode how does Shemrock benefit out of it?.The land..does it remains with the original owner..What are the major terms and conditions of the agreement…and what is the final euilibrium between Shemrock and the enterpriser….Kindly also apprise me of approximate costs incurred in the project other than land.

  3. Dear Team,

    I am Krishnan, from Theni District.
    I am planning to open a CBSE school in my district. I went through your requirements. I have few questions:
    1.What is the minimum land size needed for opening a school? [i have 5000 sq.ft vacant land]
    2.Is there any minimum investment for opening a school? If yes, how much.
    3.Can we get CBSE status, when starting the school itself? [because now only i am going to start the school]


  4. iam intrested to start the school but tell me the details I am planning to open a CBSE school in lawachha between silvassa and vapi dist-valsad state-gujrat I went through your requirements says:

    iam intrested to start the school but tell me the details I am planning to open a CBSE school in lawachha between silvassa and vapi dist-valsad state-gujrat I went through your requirements

  5. Hi,

    I am Rahul from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
    I am planning to open a CBSE school, initially primary school in Bhopal. I have already acquired land and construction is on and would be completed by Dec this year. Initially planning a independent school but now looking forward to take the franchisee from Shemford. I have some Queries.
    1. Procurement of NOC from State Education Board. Is ok. Any other permission/NOC required from education/other departments.
    2. What are the franchisee terms and conditions?
    3. What is ShemEduMax? And how it benefit to school.
    4. As I have already started the construction, how would be approval done from your site.


  6. I am interested to open a CBSE board school ,starting from Nursery to 7 th standard and gradually increasing classes every year at a newly established district in central india .please let me know the requirement of minimum land and other requirement to go up to 12 th standard (Sr.secondary school ).

  7. sir,
    we have 3 acres land. we wish to start a cbse school at our land. kindly tell me appr. amount required to start a school.

  8. Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you’ve shared in your blog. I was searching for the matter you shared through blog. It is quite interesting and obviously very informative for me. I’m looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)Thanks you for Sharing.

  9. Hi
    This is Prashant,I would like to open aprimmary school I-V in Dhulgaon,Tal-Yeola,Dist-Nasik,Maharashtra.At present I own land close to 1 acer but financially i am not sostrong,so please consider this in account and let me know if it is posible to realize my plan.
    I have some question
    1) What is the minimum land size needed for opening a school?
    2) is there any minimum investment for opening a school? If yes, how much.
    3) Can we get CBSE status,when starting the school it self.

  10. Now we have a school in the name of Rainbow school,in Nellore,Andhra pradesh.we are upgrading the school class by class (from nursery) every year since 2005. Now upgraded to class 6. the school is in the heart of the town, less than one acre for 10 years agreement, but ours is the fastest growing school with excellent image in the town. we want to increase gradually, class by class every year.
    please let me know the requirement of minimum land either lease or own and other requirement to go up to 12 th standard (Sr.secondary school.

  11. iam intrested to start the school but tell me the details I am planning to open a CBSE school in Behror teh., Alwar dist. I went through your requirements

  12. Dear Sir, My self Rajesh Singh, sir i want to open a CBSE school from nursery to XII grade, sir can you help out what are the minimum land required and cost of affiliation required and the procedure for that

    Thanx you
    warm regard
    Rajesh Singh

  13. Im going to open new cbse school in chennai kindly I need some details about it how much acres is needed for construct a new school and procedure for opening new cbse school

  14. Sir,i want to open cbse school class nur to Vth in auraiya utter pradesh,pls tell me condition .Pls give me detail for franchies.Sir pls ans pls

  15. Sir. We are planning to start a cbsc school from 8th onward. Is it possible to get permission from board. We have enough infrastructure.


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