One of the main purposes of formal education in India is to get a good placement. It all boils down to the employment and a very good job opportunity. Right from the preliminary stages, students are made to nurture such values as the applicability of the formal education in the occupation to be pursued.

The degree certificate that became the benchmark is losing the importance. There has been a huge demand for competencies in the recent times. The focus has shifted from the stockpile of marks sheet and certificates to knowledge skills and core competencies. Vocational courses and training is the need of the hour, but not much has been achieved due to the dearth of such institutes.

Consider a typical example of primary education in a small township or countryside. School enrollment ratio at primary level is low but formidable. But the students continuing their primary education to secondary level and for higher studies are far less. The reason is the school drop out rate that is quite high for secondary education and higher studies.

A large number of families do not allow their children to receive formal education after completing primary and even before that. The child, who has not even reached the adolescence is entrusted family responsibilities and made to earn for the family. Because there are no provisions for skill-based education at primary and secondary level, the child is deemed to conjoin the unskilled labor force.

On the other hand, if skilled-based education is introduced at the primary and secondary level, the school system would be more productive. Also, the system will help in convincing the parents that the education is going to bear its fruits and good results for the family. This can further diminish the drop out rate of schools in India.

Education based on utility offers a unique chance to retain the students as well as help the country to produce skilled labor. To progress in the near future, school systems and the formal education have to consider such options and try to implement them without further delays.

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