Summers are pleasing and everyone needs a break…may be a sun tan, a dip in the pool or a tropical treat. There is one good thing about summer, which is in fact more than a good thing – Vacations.

Spending some of the best moments with the family leaves long lasting impressions on everyone. The average working day is too boring and lifeless – parents at the office, attending meetings, children at school and then study and homework – there are few moments to celebrate or cherish.

Come vacations and we will be merrymaking, if that is what you felt or promised to the children and other members of the family then stick to your word. But, what are you going to do this vacation – roam around in the city from one shopping center to another with frequent pauses – long pauses – at the traffic lights and in the traffic jams. No, sir. Bad choice. Let it be a grand celebration this time, wait a minute; how much will be the bill!

Before planning anything you must consider the impact on your purse and how far you can go. We don’t have anything against you if you are planning for Disney’s or Waterworld, but there are other ways of doing it.

All pleasure, fun and excitement are not to be bought from credit cards only. A simple walk in the countryside can be more thrilling than a month’s journey. Now that depends on your taste and what your family likes. But when it comes to cutting the cost and being effective at the same time we may give you some valuable advice.

Let us start from higher budgets. Extended family vacations are one way to enjoy and pamper everyone in the summers. There are many places you can go – a nearby hill station, beach resort (not with kids), a hotel at the seaside or travel to the nearby city. But then, you will have to pay for the resorts, hotels, restaurants, transportation and other interesting places you happen to visit. At hill stations, beautiful settings, pure oxygen and peaceful ambience are for free.

To make your trip more fruitful and a learning experience to your children, just go for family camping. Camping has the greatest advantage that you don’t have the restriction of being stationed to one place or geographical point. It brings you close to the nature and at the same time reduces some burden on your purse. But be careful as some tour operators charge hefty amounts for family camping.

Amusement parks, easiest to reach, always available and no planning required. All you need to do is get the list and leave for the day. You may plan it for a week for different parks and places.

It is a family treat, and that is what is soothing in the summers.

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