Mumbai and Pune Universities’ Split in the Offing

For better management of the widely spread and vast academic coverage of these educational bodies, it is not being considered by the Maharashtra government to split the Pune and Mumbai universities. This is being undertaken in wake of the suggestions given by the National Knowledge Commission or the NKC.

This is a big step which is being thought of in order to improve the levels of teaching and research in the universities and to facilitate better management. Bifurcation or even trifurcation of these universities may take place since the decision has not been taken yet. Only in five districts, the Mumbai University has hundreds of colleges which make it very difficult to administer and control. Similar is the case with the Pune University which has under it three districts and numerous colleges. These proposals however are yet to be approved by the central government. Such decisions could really work to improve the standards of universities and therefore are being considered.

The NKC or the National Knowledge Commission was formed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The main purpose of formation of the NKC was de-linking the undergraduate colleges and establishing their own administrations rather than their being dependent on the universities. This was done to make it possible for universities to focus on researching and also on teaching in a better way.

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