St. Bede’s College on the Verge of Closing Down


One of the oldest women colleges in India is facing a severe shortage of funds and has reached near closure. St.Bede’s College in Himachal Pradesh is on the verge of closedown due to shortage of funds. The College Prinicpal, Molly Abraham, while speaking to a new agency (IANS) said that it was difficult to run the college any longer.

St. Bede’s College is a renowned institute and has been delivering services since 1904. The college principal was reported as having said that the government agencies did not cooperate and had reduced the grants to half. The college is one of the institutions that has been accredited as A+ by the popular accreditation agency NAAC.

On one hand, the government is trying to pour more funds in the primary and secondary education and on the other hand grants for higher studies are falling short. The college administration has strongly criticized the government for providing minimal support. Some well known public figures who have graduated from St.Bede’s have expressed deep concern for the current situation and the expected closure of the institution.

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