If you are considering stepping in the Education Sector, now is the right time. Education sector is massive and its demands are unlikely to get fulfilled even in the next two decades. With mammoth sized formal education system, the country has to provide for about half a billion young people.

Education, primarily the schooling was handled mostly by the Indian government. The oversized budget outlays and additional funds for various programs like elementary education to all, universalising primary and secondary education and other programmes for children of backward and under privileged classes have felt short for the targeted population. At this point, private interventions have become almost inevitable and also successful in their goals.

Although it is not easy to estimate the worth of Indian education industry, however, experts put it close to 60 billion dollars. Also, service sector in India is one of the best performing and statistics show the double digit growth for the service sectors in the current financial years as well the one that has passed.

Entry Level to Start a Business in Education Sector
There are multiple entry points and paths to start a business and develop it. Indian education sector is segmented in a number of domain and sub domains. The most popular segment is schooling. However, stringent laws in certain cases make it difficult for people from other countries to directly invest in the school education. State education department is the prime agency that provides details regarding the participation by a private agency.

Staring a Business Venture in Collaboration
For Indian citizens, there are not many restrictions in investing in the education sector. The most severe law, as one can say, is the establishment of the school as a non commercial entity. However, there are many ways in which private players enter to capitalize on the opportunity. It is the direct foreign investments in education that are heavily resisted.

To neutralize these restrictions many foreign investors have collaborated with Indian counterparts, but mostly in the vocational training and higher education.

The schools still offer great opportunities to the investors. By investing in the schools, entrepreneurs lay the foundation of the long term business establishments.

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