Starting a high school can be a lucrative venture, because you will be able to reap profits just after it starts functioning. It is a noble thought as well, because through the new school, you would try to meet the unending demand for quality education at the high school level. Although it seems easy to setup school in India, it would involve a lot of paperwork. Plus, you will have to shell out huge sum of money as the capital investment. However, if you do it systematically, then starting a private school will be the most fruitful project in the field of education.

Here is the General Procedure for Setting up Schools in India

Remember that private schools in India are generally run by the Society or Trust. So, the first step for setting up school in India will be to get a group of individual register themselves as part of a Society or a Trust. This will make things easier for you to get the land approved for your school. Also, this will help you prove that the motive of the Society/Trust to set up school is “non-profit”.
The next step is to get an Essentiality Certificate (EC) approved from the Directorate of Education or DoE. The Essentiality Certificate of your private school is necessary to certify the requirement of a school in the particular zone. This serves as the basis for the government to approve land for the Society/Trust to set up a new school.
The third step is to get the land allotted for the Society/Trust, for starting a private school. For the purpose, the society would need “letter of sponsorship” from the DoE.
Once the land has been allotted, you can now start the construction of your private school. You may create a plan that would include the necessary physical infrastructure, including laboratories, library, well-ventilated classrooms and playground.
After the construction of your school’s building starts, you may apply for recognition with the authority concerned. You may approach the state’s municipal corporation to recognize your school, if it has been set up until 5th grade. In case your school has been upgraded to 8th standard, you will have to approach the DoE to get the recognition.
After your school gets recognized, the next step would be to get affiliation from the respective state Board or CBSE.
When you are done with completing all the formalities on paper, you may now concentrate on the finishing work for your school. Remember that you need to provide an atmosphere congenial for the overall development of children. Hence, the classrooms should be optimally lit. The furniture should be comfortable, durable and safe for the students. Also, the walls should be painted appropriately for students – neither too bright nor too dull.
When the construction and woodwork is about to be over, you may start the pre-launch promotional activities, to announce the upcoming launch of your private school.
Pre-launch should be followed by the launch of your school. Opt for extensive advertising and promotional activities to get your school noticed.
You may now start hiring teachers and administrative staff. Once the hiring is done, you may start admissions.
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