Do you want to start a school on your own? Do you know the criteria to start a private school? Are you well-versed with the prerequisites to start a school? If not, then you need not worry. This article will give you an in-depth knowledge on how to start a private school on your own. The basic criterion is to follow a step-wise procedure. However, a few major prerequisites are developing a business plan, securing funds, ascertaining infrastructural requirements, costs of incurring marketing and hiring expenses etc. Apart from these conditions, you must have the knowledge and expertise to work in this field.

Below mentioned are the steps for starting a private school:

The first step is to decide on the budget. To start a private school, the amount of investment required is approximately Rs. 2-3 crores. However, the amount of investment may vary according to the location you choose.
Next, look for a piece of land, suitable to start a private school. For this, you will require at least 1-2 acres of land, which could either be owned or leased (with a rental agreement of 30 years).
Further, obtain the No Objection certificate (NOC) from the State Department of Education. Make sure that you obtain the NOC within the stipulated period of time, failing to which you cannot start the construction process.
As soon as you obtain the NOC, start the construction process. A good infrastructure will stimulate a learning environment. So, make sure that your school should consist of spacious classrooms, a well-equipped library, science & computer labs and a huge playground etc.
Next, seek affiliation from a recognised board of education. Generally, schools in India seek affiliation to CBSE, ICSE or State Boards of education. So, complete the formalities and seek affiliation on time.
Further, start conducting the interviews for academic, administrative and managerial posts. Besides interviewing the candidates on your own, you can consult a placement agency which will help you in the recruitment process.
Lastly, to grab the attention of the prospective parents, promote your brand vigorously for a considerable period of time. For this, you may conduct a seminar or arrange a presentation in the school premises and invite them through flyers, pamphlets, newspaper advertisements etc.
So, adhere to the step-wise process mentioned above, to start a private school. However, if you do not want to go through the lengthy process of starting a school on your own then, you can opt for a franchise. Moreover, franchising in the education sector is rewarding and profitable. Besides this, it is a win-win situation for both the franchisor and franchisee. So, if you want to own a school franchise, then, join hands with SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools. SHEMFORD runs a chain of formal 10+2 schools that offers lucrative franchise opportunity. So, if you want to reap the benefits with minimum inputs and maximum returns, opt for a SHEMFORD franchise. To begin with, fill the Franchise Application Form given here.

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