Franchising is one of the most popular methods of expanding business by selling the ownership rights to an individual or an organization. Owing to this, School franchising has also gained immense popularity in India. Since the last decade, many popular school brands in India have successfully expanded their reach by establishing new branches by either establishing a school on its own or by providing franchise service.

Moreover, in India, the great demand for value education at school level has increased interest of many people to invest in the education sector. Further, investing in a school is a lucrative idea as; a successful school continues to provide benefits in the long run. However, it is highly recommended to buy a school franchise of a reputed brand instead of opening a school on your own.

Benefits of school franchise

Buying a school franchise of an established brand saves you from the tedious and time-consuming task of branding your school name as your school will be branded as one of the branches of the franchising school. Further, the franchising school provides an expert support system in terms of acquirement of land 7 necessary permissions, designing the school infrastructure, recruitment of faculty, extensive promotion and successful running of your school.

How to buy a school franchise

In order to buy a school franchise, you need to follow these simple steps mentioned below:

First, you need to duly fill in a simple franchise application form of the franchising school.
Next, you are supposed to get an approval of the construction site from the school management.
After obtaining the approval, begin the construction of the building as per the approved plan.
Next, you are expected to sign a franchise agreement with the school management agreeing to adhere to the norms set by the school organization.
Further, you need to design a curriculum for your school in accordance with the school maintaining the quality and standard of education of the franchising school.
Further, purchase and assemble adequate furniture, equipment, apparatuses, stationary etc. for your school.
Next, you need to recruit a well-educated and experienced staff for your school. The guidelines for the appointment of the teachers will be issued to you by the school management.
Lastly, you need to consult the marketing department of the franchising school to promote the brand and launch your school in the locality.
You can choose from a large number of franchising options available in India. However, the SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, a unit of SHEMROCK offers fruitful and cost-effective franchise opportunities to people who are willing to start their own venture in the education sector. With over 50+ branches spread across India and Abroad, SHEMFORD provides a uniquely developed educational programme – ShemEduMax coupled with the CBSE syllabus. So, hurry and apply for the SHEMFORD school franchise and start your own school with ease.

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