Education holds the key to growth & development of an individual and economic growth of a country. So, it is regarded as one of the basic necessities of every individual after food, shelter & clothing. With this increasing awareness of importance & need for education, comes along the demand for more & more schools. Besides this, initiatives taken by government to make primary education compulsory (for children of age group 6-14 years), has led to an increase in the demand for especially primary schools. This has inspired many people to come forward to start their own school. Moreover, starting a school is a rewarding & profitable enterprise as it allows fulfilling your financial goals plus gives you an opportunity to contribute your bit in the country’s growth.

However, starting a primary school on your own is a bit cumbersome task and involves a lot of legal procedures. So, it is better to opt for a primary school franchise. Below mentioned is the basic procedure that you need to follow in order to get a primary school franchise.

Step 1. Prepare a list of all the primary schools that offer franchising model & select one amongst them whose franchise you want to buy.

Step 2. Get the franchise application form from the school management, fill in all the details appropriately and then submit it along with a requisite franchise fee.

Step 3. Look for a suitable location and acquire a land area as prescribed by the franchisor. This land could be your own property or leased. In case the land is leased, make sure that the rental agreement is for minimum 30 years.

Step 4. After acquiring the land, get it approved by the franchisor. Besides this, also sign the franchise agreement form in the presence of the franchisor. Ensure that you read all the terms & conditions in the form, before signing it.

Step 5. Next, start with the construction. For this, first get assistance from the franchisor to develop a blue print of the school building specifying all the dimensions & positioning of various rooms, playground and auditorium.

Step 6. After the construction is over, hire subject experienced teachers who have successfully completed B.Ed. during the recruitment process, also ensure that you hire the staff on the basis of the heads prescribed by the school management.

Step 7. Further, approach the franchisor to help you to obtain the recognition & affiliation from the respective authorities.

Step 8. Lastly, promote your school in the area where the school is located. You may also reach out to a wider audience by announcing the launch of your school in a press conference. Besides this, the basic marketing materials such as pamphlets, banners, newspaper ads etc. will be provided to you by the marketing team of the franchising school.

So, follow the above procedure and become the owner of a primary school franchise. However, if you are still confused about which franchise option to choose from, you may resort to SHEMFORD Futuristic School. It is one of those brands which provide cost-effective & fruitful franchise to people who wish to open a primary school. With world class facilities & infrastructure and a uniquely developed system of education, SHEMFORD guarantees 100% support and guidance at almost every stage. So, fill the franchise application form and run your own successful primary school franchise.

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