In the present time, the education sector in India is at its boom. This is evident from the growing number of educational institutions in the country. Due to this reason, many aspiring entrepreneurs have come forward to invest in this recession-free sector. Moreover, starting a school is a noble profession which not only earns respect in the society but also helps you to reap profits for years to come.

The literacy rate of India is 74.04% whereas, that of Haryana is 67.91% which needs to be altered. So, to uplift the level of education of the state, you can consider setting up a school. This can be either done by establishing a school on your own or by taking up a franchise of a well-established school. However, franchising is a lucrative venture for both the franchisor and the franchisee(s).

So, if you want to get a school franchise in Haryana, then follow the step-wise procedure given below:

To begin with, look for schools in Haryana that offer franchise opportunities and select one from them. Then, sign the franchise agreement, pay the requisite franchise fee and get recognition under its name.
Once you have signed the franchise agreement, the franchisor will help you to select a location where you want to set up your school. You can choose from some of the major cities of Haryana like Gurgaon, Pinjore, Rohtak, Faridabad, Ambala, Panchkula, Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal, Hisar etc.
Further, the franchisor will assist you to ascertain the area of land feasible to start your school.

In order to set-up your school anywhere in Haryana, you would require at least 1 acre of land. However, the land requirements will vary according to the type of school (primary or secondary) and the location you choose.

Next, the franchisor will help you to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Department of Education. Further, make sure that you obtain the NOC within the stipulated period of time, failing to which you cannot start the construction process.
After getting the NOC from the State Government, begin with the construction of your school in Haryana. The basic facilities of your school should include spacious classrooms, well-equipped library, computer labs, science laboratories, playground etc.
Seek affiliation for your school, to get it listed amongst the recognised and affiliated schools. Usually schools in Haryana seek affiliation from the apex bodies such as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or Haryana Education Board etc.

Once you seek affiliation from a recognised board of education, hire certified and experienced staff for your school. Ensure that you appoint qualified teachers, accounts executives, managerial staff etc. for your school.
Now that the recruitment process is over, you can start promoting your school to establish its presence in the areas of the state of Haryana. For this, the trained professionals of the franchisor will help you to implement effective promotional strategies i.e. through print and electronic media such as cable T.V advertisements or putting up banners and hoardings in the prospective areas of the state of Haryana.

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