In India, the demand for good educational institutions is always high and due to this reason this sector offers numerous options for business opportunities. So, many business professionals and investors are coming forward to invest their time and money in the education sector. Seeing this, the most popular trends which is evident these days is the franchising in education sector. In India, the education franchise industry is growing at a fast pace. Today, one can see an educational institute franchise almost everywhere. Learning centers, coaching institutes, preschools, day-care centers, formal schools etc. are some of the educational intuitions which provide franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs.

If you too are planning to start your own educational institute, the best option would be to get a franchise of a formal school. This is because taking a franchise is indeed a safer option than starting a school from the scratch. So, just familiarize yourself with the procedure of getting a formal school franchise.

First, decide the kind of school you want to open. You can either set up a primary school or a 10+2 school. After deciding the kind of school, carry out a research to find out about the various schools that provide franchise opportunity.
After finalizing the franchising school, visit the school’s head office to get an idea about the franchise fee that you will have to pay. Subsequently, fill the franchise application form submit it along with the franchise fee.
Next, arrange the capital for your formal school franchise. This capital will accommodate all the expenses to be made on the infrastructure, facilities, promotional activities recruitment etc. In case, you don’t have enough funds, getting financial help from your partners can be the best choice. You may also obtain loan from the banks/financial institution.
After securing the funds, finalize a location as per the specifications mentioned by the franchising school. Further, make sure that the land you choose is non-agricultural and is available for commercial purposes.
Now, before beginning with the construction, obtain all the necessary permissions. For instance, the No Objection Certificate from the Department of Education of the respective state.
Once, the construction is over, sign the franchise agreement form and submit it to the franchisor. Make sure to retain a photocopy of this form for yourself.
Next, seek help from the franchisor to get your school recognized & affiliated to a recognized board of education.
After this, hire experienced teachers for different subjects. While recruiting the subject teachers, make sure that they have successfully completed B.Ed. and have a post graduate degree of their respective subjects.
Lastly, advertise your school in the neighbouring locality. For this, ask the franchisor to provide you with the necessary marketing material like pamphlets, banners, newspaper ads etc. to effectively market your school.
Once you have advertised your school for a considerable period of time, circulate ‘admission-open’ flyers and start admitting students to your school.
By following the above procedure systematically, you can start your own educational institute franchise successfully. Just make sure that you abide by the rules & regulations of the franchising school. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is one of the superior brands providing formal education that runs a chain of schools which is not only spread across the country but has also set up its branches outside India. SHEMFORD offers its franchisees, help and guidance in terms of personalized support, marketing assistance, recruitment & training and academic support. So, take up a SHEMFORD franchise by filling the Franchise Application form given here.

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