The number of schools in India is increasing at fast pace as every year a large number of children seek admission in different classes. Although, seeing this unending demand many entrepreneurs are opening new schools but the quality of these schools & the education standards varies a lot with each other. Hence, it is required that schools follow the guidelines & norms laid down by education boards while planning their infrastructure, curriculum, examination format etc.

To serve the purpose of quality & equivalent standards of education in all the schools, our government has framed agencies like Quality Council of India (QCI) and National Accreditation Board of Education & Training (NABET). These agencies provide accreditation to such schools, which are qualified enough to promote holistic development of the children, after assessing their educational goals and approach taken to accomplish them. Therefore, if you want to establish your school and provide quality education to all, accreditation is a necessary requirement.

The steps to get accreditation for your school are given below:

The first step is to apply for accreditation by submitting application form. The form can be filled either online or by directly visiting the head office of accreditation agency. A certain amount has to be deposited as fees along with the application form at the time its submission. Further, you need to submit a detailed report of your school and its essential documents of affiliation, recognition etc. with it.
Next step is to do necessary preparations for the inspection day, when a qualified team of accreditation agency visits your school. The team has an assessment sheet with different parameters written on it for providing scores of evaluation. The criterion for assessment is based on parameters like curriculum, teaching-learning environment, examinations, extra-curricular activities, teaching aids etc.
After examining your school & its performance, the team provides a cumulative score to the school. It also suggests further improvements, if needed and give a certain time period to incorporate the changes in your school.

Once the stipulated time period is over for integrating the changes, the team again visits the school and check whether the necessary steps has been taken for the suggested changes or not. After reviewing for the same, if the team finds a satisfactory improvement in the school, it agrees to provide accreditation to the school.

The accreditation provided to the school is valid for a certain time period i.e. 4 or 5 years and once this time period is finished, you need to re-apply for the accreditation. The renewal procedure includes all the above steps & completion of all the formalities again.

The accreditation & affiliation are two important key factors to make your school known for its upraised standards of education. Therefore, ensure accreditation and affiliation for your school by following the important guidelines and requirements outlined by educational authorities, from the beginning of your school.

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