Student transfers or migration from one school to a different one is a familiar trend. There are many reasons that postulated the transfer of students, such as migration or relocation of parents from one city to another one, admission in a better school, low academic performance or extreme cases like student’s expulsion from the school.

To seek an admission in a new school is not a problem unless the child meets the requirements laid down by the school. These requirements vary as per the school or the board it is affiliated to. For admissions particularly in the secondary and senior secondary schools, the boards have themselves fixed different criterion.

Below have been given some of the conditions laid down by the board (CBSE) for students seeking admissions or migration.

Previously Admission: The board (CBSE) allows admissions to only those candidates who have been studying in those schools affiliated with the CBSE board or recognized school boards in India. Admission in a Class: The student is admitted to that class or grade only after receiving confirmation that he or she has qualified the examination of the previous class. Say a student wants to be admitted in class IX, than he or she must have qualified the examinations of the class VIII.

Age Limit: There is an age limit (maximum and minimum age) fixed for children receiving education in a particular grade. Age limit may vary from state to state. A student who wants an admission in a school in a particular state and in a particular class has to be qualified so far as age limit is concerned.

Proof to be Produced: There are three documents that are essential to get admitted in a new school. These are:
1) School leaving certificated attested by the head of the institution last attended
2) Date of Birth Certificate or proof of date of birth
3) Marks sheet or certificate of the previous qualified examination

The school where the student is expected to obtain an admission also requires the child to sit in a test or interview conducted by the school authorities. After the school authorities are convinced that the student is fully eligible to join the class, the admission may be granted to the student.

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