Students Enquire about Latest Experiment on the Big Bang Theory

One of the greatest experiment is being conducted, at a place between France and Switzerland, to understand the formation of universe and reveal the secrets of time and space. The experiment has become the prime topic in schools and many public places.

The Big Bang experiment is estimated to cost about 5 billion pounds. In the experiment, conditions as existed just after the Big Bang, would be created and the findings would be studied. Scientists would be firing atomic particles, protons, at the speed of light to see what will happen after their collisions. Eighty scientist from all over the world are involved and engaged in the experiment.

There were also reports about the experiment foreplaying the doomsday. Rumours and telltales have spread all across the country and is more visible on the Internet. In the last 48 hours a lot of people have been enquiring about the experiment and the outcomes.