Children’s Day Celebrations in India

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday on 14th November is fondly celebrated as Children’s Day in India, every year. Schools across the nation organise cultural events/activities for the students. Welfare organisations look forward for this opportunity to spread the awareness about their noble motives and enlighten people about the plight of the underprivileged children. While the children in the metros are fighting lifestyle diseases, their counterparts in the rural areas are faced with malnutrition and apathy towards their general welfare. The Day should be used to address the need for better childcare and healthcare facilities for the young generation across the nation. 

Most educators have taken this opportunity to stress upon the importance of investing in education. Other requisites are secondary in nature, the first and foremost factor along with their healthcare needs is the provision of proper primary education — laying a foundation for their lives.

In terms of literary contributions, nearly 100 books written by Astrid Lindgre — the Sweden grandmaster of children’s literature, were released by Oxford University Press as their Children’s Day initiative. The book has had phenomenal following since 1945 and has been translated in over 90 languages across 60 countries.