Mobile Schools now in Delhi slums-“Chalta Phirta School“

Under a landmark education bill proposing free schooling for children between the age of six and  fourteen years having cleared the labyrinths of the Indian Parliament, the slum children stand to benefit the most.

Mobile classrooms which have been converted from school buses will be able to provide access to education to more than 5,000 slum children. The scheme is a part of the Sarvya Shiksha Abhiyaan(SSA), the government run initiative for the uneducated slum children of the nation. The initiative is furthered by the UK Government.

Under the SSA, many new school buses will be introduced in Delhi in the coming future. A fleet of around 25 buses are being planned to ply on the Delhi routes and act as mobile classrooms for these underprivileged children. All these buses are fully equipped with a variety of teaching and learning material. TV, educational books, Computers, DVDs and soft toys are some of the learning material on board.