Tibetan Students in India, Harassed

Many Tibetan children, studying in India, are being harassed by the Chinese authorities. This problem arose as an ultimatum issued by the Communist Party of China expired. The students and their families are facing stiff punishments imposed by the Chinese government for enrolling in schools in India which were run by the Tibetan government. Most of these schools were headed by the Tibetan spiritual leader — the Dalai Lama.

However, this problem isn’t something new to the Tibetan refugees spread across the north-eastern boundaries of India. It is a common practice for Tibetan children to escape from Tibet and illegally seek shelter in Dharamsala, north India. This place is home to the Dalai Lama. The children seek Tibetan religious education and a better way of life, once settled here. On the contrary, the Chinese government has alleged that the Dalai Lama and his group of supporters were enticing young children from Tibet and Nepal and forcing them in following the Dalai Lama’s beliefs.