Nursery Admission Procedure to start in City schools only after Dec 15

All city schools will now start their nursery admission after December 15 according to Directorate of Education. The Education Director has stipulated that the admission schedule will have to start from Dec 15 to 31. But some schools in the Capital have already announced the dates for sale of forms. As per the court orders, the schools are free to decide the dates for sale of forms, provided the DOE has no objection to it. But, no school shall start their admission procedure before December 15.

The guidelines for nursery admissions will be finalized in a week and circulars will be sent to the schools soon afterwards. While the schools are within their rights to follow their own admission schedule, they are required to intimate the DOE, in case they plan to deviate from the said set of guidelines. DOE will issue more directives about admissions in early next week. All this is done to ensure the convenience of the parents regarding the admission process, as DOE feels that the parents will benefit more, if all schools issue forms within the same timeframe.