72 Hour Teaching Lesson Claims Guinness Record Status

A group of 120 students and their 30 year old chemistry teacher Giovanni Cogollo made a record breaking attempt of continuous teaching class for 72 hours. The students belong to Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo school in Turbaco, in the province of Bolivar, Columbia.

Now students and their teacher wants it to be officially recognized as a Guinness record for longest non-stop teaching class. The original purpose of this attempt was to help collect fund for charity to medical institute for treatment of 70 children suffering from cancer.

During the attempt students were allowed to take 5 minutes break after every 1 hour, but the children decided to take breaks in longer periods, which helped them in achieving this record.

IIT-Patna Premises Face Waterlogging

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Patna which started its operations on 7th August is facing severe waterlogging in the temporary premises that is allocated till the arrangement of permanent campus. The campus has been facing this problem since last one week and classes are being affected, leaving the study schedule in dismay.

Faculties and students are in distress over the severe waterlogging problem, as entire premises is submerged in the water. Earlier the state chosen this polytechnic as temporary premises for conducting the classes. Government has started the acquisition process of 500 acres of land for the permanent campus of IIT-P. The permanent campus is expected to be completed in 2-3 years.

UP Government Plans Regional Cuisine In Mid Day Meals Scheme

State Government of Uttar Pradesh is planning to introduce regional flavours in servings of Mid Days Meals (MDM) in all government schools across the state.

For implementing this, the state will be divided into 4 parts, and the students will be served local dishes of their region. At present “Kichri” and “Tehri” are served under MDM scheme to over 1,50,000 students up to 8th class in the schools. After the launch of this new initiative, delicacies like Bati Chokha, Rajma and Kheer will also be served depending on the region.

The feedback of the students will also be sent to the central government for improvements and refinement in the implementation process of MDM scheme.

Tips to prepare for Exams

Examination phobia haunts many children and they struggle to grasp things as examination date comes near. Children who are weak in studies often find it very difficult to quickly revise the complete syllabus of all the subjects in a short period of time. Is there any way to make things easier for them? Let us see how by implementing some very useful techniques, students can score better in their examinations.

Examination preprations
Image Credit: Ikhlasul Amal


Make a daily routine of your activities and follow it strictly. Make sure you arrange 1 hour early in the morning for studies. Reserve noon time for playing and other leisure activities. Never make late night studying schedules.

Daily Revision

Whatever you have learned in the class today, make sure you revise it that same day in evening. Go through the chapters and read fast. Grab important points and make clear notes of the same. If you follow this system, half of your burden is already gone and preparation in exam days will be very easy.

Use Unconventional Methods

Using internet for study material, visiting local public library and having group discussion with neighbourhood friends will help you learn things quickly.

Take Mock Tests

Prepare mock tests by yourself, which you can easily get from different sources (Sample papers, downloads from Internet). Giving mock tests builds confidence and strengthen problem solving skills.

Do Not Overdo

Sometimes students set unrealistic targets in enthusiasm. Every student knows his capacity and limitations & targets should be set accordingly. Set small goals and proceed to your final goal gradually.


Good Luck…..!!!!!

Students will get Special Feast on Independence Day in MP

This Independence Day, the Government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to give special feast to all government school students of primary and middle classes. Students will either get sabzi/puri/kheer or combination of sabzi/puri/halwa along with ladoos.

The feast has been organized for students of government or government-aided schools under mid-day meal scheme. The government has asked the local authorities to visit and make necessary arrangements for the feast.

IIPM Creates a Record in Campus Placements

Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) has announced record offers for its students in campus placements.

The highest domestic package this year is Rs. 12 Lacs per annum, and the highest international package is Rs. 27 lacs per annum. Compared to last year, the average salary has also increased up to Rs. 5 lacs per annum.

Prominent companies like Pepsi Co, Berger Paints, Deutshce Bank, ICICI Bank, ICICI Direct, HSBC and American Express have recruited the students from IIPM.

Four Students went Missing on Trip to NASA

Four students from the State of Punjab have gone missing in United States during their trip to National Aeronautics’s and Space Agency (NASA). All four missing students are aged between 14 to 15 years and study in Doaba Public School, Punjab.

Interestingly, the teacher Minu Sharma who was accompanying them has also got married to a local resident and has asked for one month leave from the school management. The management has lodged the complaint to Punjab police about the four missing students.

All missing students are from rural areas near Garhshankar town.