Counselling Sessions in Schools to tackle Vandalism

Vandalism in schools and colleges has become a pressing issue as authorities have been unable to check the growth of unfortunate incidents in the campus. In colleges and universities, the presence of political parties has been ubiquitous. Backed up by various groups, many students have gone astray and have been involved in cases of crime and violence. To help the authorities, counselling sessions and workshops are being conducted.

This time it is Counsellor’s Association of India (CAI) that has come forward to provide a solution. A Support Group of Head of the Institutions have been set up, which will conduct a workshop on 16 September, at St. Xavier Academy, Mumbai.

The Support Group will provide counselling to the head of the institutions on how to deal with vandalism in schools. The event has been welcome by many educationists, who have also demanded similar workshops in other parts of the country, especially North India.