How to Set up a School | Procedure to Set up a School

Schools are considered to be an important segment of the education sector. The idea of setting up a new school seems to be exciting but the entire procedure to set up a school is very complex and consumes a lot of time. However, there is a huge business opportunity in this segment because of the unending demand for more schools. So, many entrepreneurs are entering into the education sector to set up their own schools. If you too want to set up your own school, then you need to do the following:


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    • Registration of the school’s governing entity as a Society under the Society Registration Act,1860 to declare the non-proprietary motive of the venture.
    • Formation of a comprehensive business plan highlighting the capital investment, land requirements, basic infrastructural requirements, facilities, promotional activities etc.
    • Arrangement of the investment either from the banks/financial institutions or private money lenders.
    • Attainment of NOC and letter of sponsorship from the department of education to certify the requirement of your school in a particular zone.
    • Forwarding the letter of sponsorship to the land owing agency to buy the land at subsidized rate.
    • Constructing the school building and incorporating all the basic requirements and facilities like purchasing furniture, equipment for extra-curricular activities, instruments for labs, study material and books for library, sufficient computers for computer lab, teaching equipment etc.
    • Acquiring other important certificates and permits from health department, water department, fire department etc.
    • Securing recognition and affiliation from Municipal Corporation and State Board, respectively.
    • Recruiting qualified teachers and experienced staff to sustain excellent system of education and smooth functioning of school.
    • Promoting the school to create awareness in the community and spread a positive word of mouth by advertising and organizing events.

So, these are some of the essentials that you need to take care of while setting up a school. However, it is very expensive to set up a school on your own as the expenses involved in promotion and advertising is very high. So, taking up a school franchise is a better option. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is a reputed brand name which offers full support and assistance. So, fill the franchise application form and be a part of SHEMFORD – India’s fastest growing Chain of Schools.


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