Requirements for Opening a New School in Delhi

Although, the Indian education system is recognized to be one of the largest in the world, still there is a shortage of good schools as compared to the ever-increasing population of school going children in India. Due to this, the schooling sector offers huge opportunities to business persons to come forward and start their own schools. Moreover, the extending demand for more schools has made education sector the most fruitful and profitable enterprise to invest in time & money. If you are considering opening a new school in Delhi, start with an elementary school first and then apply for up-gradation afterwards. This is because; there is a tremendous growth in the demand for formal schools.

Below mentioned are the requirements for opening a new school in Delhi.


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    • Firstly, you are required to form a Trust/Society registered under the India Trust Act, 1882/the Societies Registration Act,1860. This is obligatory as; no school can be run by a private individual.
    • Secondly, you need to formulate a business plan which highlights all the basic requirements like the funding options, selecting location, planning infrastructure, obtaining permissions, marketing strategies etc.
    • Thirdly, you need to look for a location which is suitable for opening a new school. After finalizing the location, you need to obtain the NOC, on the basis of which you can buy the land (in your selected location) from the land owning agencies.
    • After procuring the land, you are expected to begin with the construction. However, before starting with the construction work, first develop a blue print of the school building specifying the positions & dimensions of classrooms, other rooms, playground and the auditorium. You may appoint a professional architect to design the blue print for your school.
    • When the construction is over, you are expected to seek affiliation to a recognized educational board. In case you want your school to be listed amongst the top schools in Delhi, get it affiliated to CBSE, as it is one of the most popular board of education.
    • After completing all the formalities for seeking affiliation, you need to acquire all the other permissions as well. These include getting permits from the fire department, water department, health & sanitation department etc.
    • Simultaneously, you may begin with the hiring process. For this, you may tie-up with a reputed placement agency, which will help you to hire efficient and qualifies staff. After the hiring process, you may also provide training to your staff on how to manage and run the school operations.
    • Lastly, you are supposed to launch your school to invite admissions. Good marketing strategies such as conducting local events, marketing online, creating a website, displaying hoardings etc. will help you to serve this purpose.

So, these are the basic requirements for opening a new school in Delhi. However, the procedure is not as easy as it seems, as getting permissions & affiliation involves a lot of paper work and fulfillment of certain requirements. Besides this, the entire procedure is tedious and time-consuming. So, an easy way out is to join hands with an established brand. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is a brand in the education sector which is acknowledged for providing formal education to the children. The CBSE affiliated school – SHEMFORD provides fruitful franchise options for aspiring investors. So, click here to  fill the Franchise Application Form and open a new school with ease.


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