How to Start a New School | Steps to Start a New School

School education plays an indispensable role in every student’s life. School is one educational institution that lays strong foundation for the holistic growth of every student. Even though establishing a school is a challenging task, many businesspersons wish to invest in this sector. Investment in this sector not only brings profit, but also helps you earn respect in the society.  In case you are interested to start a school, go through the easy steps mentioned below:


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How to start a new school?

    • Investment
      If you wish to start a school, the first and foremost step to be considered is to decide upon the capital to be invested. For a formal school, the amount ranges between Rs. 1-2 crores. Since it is a hefty amount, you can approach banks and financial institutions for the loans.
    • Form a Society/Trust
      The next step is to form a society/trust of educated and influential individuals. Ensure that you get the society/trust registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and Indian Trust Act,1882, respectively.
    • Suitable Location
      Next, you need to look for a location to start your school. Preferably, consider a residential area as it will ensure easy transport accessibility and will offer a peaceful environment, feasible for the students to learn.
    • Area
      Once you have finalized the location, the next step is to determine the area required to establish your school. The land required for starting a school should be at least 1-2 acres. This dimension would be sufficient to accommodate the school building and a playground as well.
    • Obtain NOC
      After you have selected the land, obtain the Essentiality Certificate i.e. NOC from the Department of Education (DoE). This will ensure official possession of the land.
    • Construction
      Once you obtain the sanction from the DoE, the next step is to start the construction of your school building. You can develop a blueprint beforehand that would define the infrastructural dimensions of the classrooms, playground, activity rooms etc.
    • Recruitment
      Now that the construction process is over and your school is completely furnished, you can begin with the recruitment process. Appoint qualified and well trained teaching and non-teaching staff for your school.
    • Marketing
      When the hiring procedure is over, you have to advertise your school to make your brand known. You can promote your school using print and electronic media such as via flyers, pamphlets, a feature story of the newly open school in the daily newspaper, T.V. advertisements etc.

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