Changes in Education System

India is a developing country and is on the path of attaining the status of developed nation in terms of economic and financial growth. This growth can be achieved only through an effective and efficient education system. Indian education system has always been considered very organized but surely there are numerous flaws which stops it to cater to the real world needs. India to stand at the forefront of the world economy, a break through in the education system was considered as a must. With the latest trends being witnessed in all sectors, education sector also has seen a striking change in its widths and lengths. Schools now are doing away with old and unconventional methods of teaching and are adapting to interactive ways of imparting education.

Gone are those days when education was only restricted to classroom learning and lacked the fun part. Now, education is presented in an environment which is backed with technology and latest gadgets. Playgrounds and labs are now being supplemented with discovery rooms and technology centres. The concept of e-learning has revolutionized the underlying concept of education. With the opening of a number of world class education institutes, the scenario has changed manifolds. Schools are now focusing on de-stressing the students from the mounting pressures of books. Spotlight has now shifted to developing well learned individuals rather than just clearing the exams and being promoted to next grades.

Another transformation that has come in the field of education is opening of the Indian education sector to foreign universities. Various foreign players are entering the Indian domain and with them are bringing the world class practices of education, which will consequently contribute in upliftment of education sector. Moreover, the curriculum should be aligned with the industry needs and thus bridge the gap between industry and academia.