Teach maths the new gaming way! Shuttle Launch Game!!

According to a new report published, kids can learn maths in a fun way now. A study published in the US in 2008, asked the primary schoolkids to play snakes & ladders on a regular basis. After a few weeks, it was noticed that the kids showed an increased ability in number skills. Following this, a gaming company has launched a series of new games which make the children count, add, subtract in an environment which is stimulating and filled with loads of fun. These games teach maths in a casual manner without laying too much stress on the kid. It has been noticed that the gamers developed skills which were akin to the skills taught in a classroom environment.

Teaching kids the fun way is the new mantra of these new games. Maths is one of the toughest subjects that the kids have to endure and to build an interest of the kid in this subject is akin to completing a herculean task. By the advent of these games which involve the children in a fun and engaging manner, this task has been reduced to a child’s play (in the literal sense).