New Year | New Year Celebrations

New Year, celebrated around the world with full fun and fervour, symbolizes the beginning of another year. Everyone has a different way to celebrate the day, which is generally marked by parties, feasts and family get togethers.

“NEW YEAR” is a day of self-analysis wherein people remember what all they have achieved in the last year and they look forward to the promise of a new year.

People celebrate New Year with their family members and friends by remembering their successes and achievements in the last year. Apart from family get together at home, people go out to have dinner in hotels, arrange family outings to amusement parks and watch movies. Also, many people gather in malls to give a farewell to the passing year and welcome the New Year, joyfully.

Everyone wishes to start the New Year on a good note. People greet each other and wish them health & good luck. They also thank each other for all their love and support in the form of New Year gifts, flowers and greeting cards. With a new dawn, people plan new resolutions and decide upon the new courses of action on the day, for the rest of the year.

Apart from celebrations, inculcate values in your children on this occasion by following the tips given below:

  • Explain the meaning of New Year to your children and tell them why it is celebrated.
  • Give them an opportunity to learn about the bond of togetherness by arranging a theme party at your home. Also, invite family members and their friends on this day.
  • Let your children know about sharing by distributing New Year’s gifts to their friends. Sit together with your children and pack these gifts for their friends.
  • Instill the feeling of care in your children by encouraging them to make greeting cards for their teachers and loved ones.
  • Help them to know about the value of team work by asking them to help you in preparing a cake for the New Year party.
  •  Infuse creativity in your children by asking them to decorate the house with balloons, lights and coloured ribbons.
  • Impart the traditional values by visiting a place of worship, with your children, on this day and ask them to wish health and good luck for themselves and their loved ones.

Last but not the least, ask your children to take a New Year resolution, which they can follow throughout the year. This will instill in your children, a sense of responsibility to accomplish their aim in the upcoming Year. So follow the above tips and welcome the New Year together with your children by saying Happy New Year!