All India Engineering Entrance Examination, AIEEE 2009 Dates

For anyone who wishes to be successful in life and have a great future ahead, an engineering degree is something which is just perfect. For a good life ahead with a better standard of living, progress of the nation it is important to make a strong educational and professional base. Crossing the initial barrier of engineering entrance examinations would be a major step. The dates for the main engineering examinations in the country are given below:

  • AIEEE entrance examination 2009:

Paper 1 (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics): 26.04.2009 (9.30a.m to 12.30p.m)

Paper 2 (Mathematics-Part I, Aptitude Test- Part II & Drawing Test-Part III): 26.04.2009 (02.00 P.M to 05.00 P.M)

  • Delhi Combined Entrance Examination 2009 (CEE-2009) for DCE and NSIT: May, 30, 2009