Spanking Lowers Kids IQ

Scientists world over have concluded now, that spanking a kid in his preschool years, lowers the child’s IQ. Researchers from the University of New Hampshire have found that kids who have been spanked have lower IQs by 2.8 points to 5 points. World over, spanking has been adopted by most parents as an effective measure to discipline their kids and to make them obey. And the practice is so common, that parents don’t even see anything wrong in it. But now this research will definitely change the mindset of most parents around the globe.

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Researchers have concluded that more the spanking, slower the development of the mental ability. Even small amounts of spanking make a difference on the child’s emotional well being. The stress caused in a young ones mind creates post-traumatic stress symptoms, which is linked to lower IQ. Scientists concluded that spanking is among the many factors that influence a child’s IQ, adding that the traumatic experience causes kids to have more stressful responses in difficult situations and not to perform well cognitively.

This is the reason that most schools these days have adopted an anti-spanking stance and abide by these norms in the strictest of manners. Teachers are given special training as to how to handle a kid under tiring circumstances. Parents are also gradually adopting this as a more effective measure now. Shemrock Schools suggest many techniques as an alternative to spanking, when they do something wrong. Could visit the below link for further information on how to handle unacceptable behavior in kids.

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Common Mistakes Parents Do While Handling Children

Parents often find it hard to handle the problems related to teens. It is the age when the children undergo behavioural changes as they rapidly progress towards adolescence. There are many times when the parents and the children have to face unusual situations. Proper handling of all matters at this age is crucial as the reaction of parents may directly affect the behaviour of the child.

Image Credit: Jekkyl

Here are some common mistakes that parents often commit while handling their teens.

Preach But Do Not Practice – It is one of the most common problems that make things all the more worse. Parents preach and lecture a lot, but do not follow their own preaching. Teens are very sensitive in nature and in this age they try to discover their own identity and want to be more independent. Make sure that you follow your own preaching; else you may fall into very embarrassing situation if pointed by your teen.

Too Busy To Spend Time With Them – Teenagers need guidance the most. They reach a stage where personality development and character building takes a shape. Parents who do not devote enough time to their children at this age often repent later.

Expect Too Much – Parents are well aware of the capabilities of their child. Setting unrealistic goals for them and expecting more than their capabilities puts extra pressure on them. Demanding parents are more likely to commit such mistakes.

Ignore the Warning Signals – Often parents fail to pick unusual behaviour and sudden changes in their child’s daily routine. Sleeping late night, sudden regress in school grades, drowsiness are some of the alarming signals that every parent must take care of. Teens at this age are more prone to indulge in smoking, drinking, drugs and sex. A vigilant parent should be able to pick any suspicious behaviour in their child and should take appropriate action.

Protection after Doing Wrong – Some parents protect their children even if the children have done some wrong or are caught in a wrong practice. This encourages the child, especially teenager, to go ahead with such practices.

Child Beating – Some parents go to the extent that they actually beat their child. One slap in such a sensitive age can change the whole life of the child. Beating never helps and is considered to be rather an awful practice. It is better to have a verbal argument with the child than go for such a dire step.

Secret To Create A Stress Free Environment For Your Kids

At times your child may feel stressed and uncomfortable if proper environment is not provided. Following are some tips to create a stress free environment in your home.

Allow and Invite Friends – Do not hesitate to let your child socialize with his friends and invite them to the house. It develops a social circle, which is very essential for healthy growth of your child.

Celebrate Occasions – Not just birthdays, but celebrate every little occasion in the house, whether painting of house has completed or new area of home yard has been developed. Celebrating every moment of life strengthens the bond between family members.

Family Dinner – It is one of the most important practices that every family must follow as a daily routine. Dinner table is the best place to discuss and opine about family matters. Everyone can share their experiences of the day and can exchange useful ideas.

Helping Hand – Every member of the family should look forward to contribute in any way to create a harmonic environment.

Reasons to Laugh – Doctors say, “Laughter is the best medicine”. Watch some funny TV shows with your children and crack jokes at the teatime. It helps in diffusing any tension in the house and develops a happy atmosphere at home.

Listen and Reciprocate – Always listen to your child. Children often get dejected because their parents are too busy with the work and household chores. Parents have to listen to their children and also respond in a way that makes them feel that their problem or issue was properly addressed.

Don’t Take a Side – Children get more frustrated if they find the parents supporting the sibling. Don’t involve yourself when the children are competing or contending. Remain neutral and advise all of them at the same time.

Don’t Micromanage at home – You may miss on some details and allow the children to take care of them. The children must feel free to express themselves. Overindulgence makes the children feel irritated. But, maintain a close watch.

Yoga – Practicing Yoga will make your child feel stress free and healthy. Parents themselves can take the initiative and lead them to healthy routines.

Impact Of Media: Teaching Teens To Handle It Rightly

Today almost every teen in metropolis and even in small towns has access to media channels (Internet, cell-phones, television) and they are used to it. A recent study by Gartner Group shows that teens are spending on an average 44.5 hours per week browsing Internet, talking on cell phones and watching TV. It is more than what they spend in school in whole week. The issue is not just the amount of time spent, but also what they are getting from these media channels.

Make Your Move

Teens hate to be monitored every minute by their parents. They are at a very crucial stage of their life and want more freedom & decision making authority for themselves. Keeping a watch on their activities requires some tricks and a lot of patience.

Good and Bad Content

It is not debatable as whether the content on the popular channels or media like Internet is appropriate or not. People have been debating over issues like moral policing of the children. Modernization has been confused with values and norms, resulting in the inculcation of negative behavioural traits in the new generation of youngsters.

Internet – bane or boon

The content on the Internet has been the most abused as viewing restrictions are not applicable. No doubt, the technology has changed the outlook and the learning capacity of the children, but numerous cases of abuse of the content have also been reported.

Parental Help

For monitoring the Internet activities of your children you can install software like KeyLogger. Parents who are more aware about technology can use the service and set a simple filter to block porn sites or sites containing inappropriate content. Creating a day schedule from early childhood solves most of the problems. Unfortunately, most parents do not pay attention to it. It is always advisable to give some space to your teen and at the same time be vigilant about his activities.

The safe use and misuse of technology will always be an issue. But, there is a lot we can do to prevent our children from falling into the wrong activities.

Hospital Packing List For The Expecting Mother, Father And Baby

Expecting a baby? Here’s a list of things you might want to consider packing for the hospital !

Pack your hospital stay bag 1 month before your due date.

Papa’s Bag

Cellphone and cell charger
Going home outfit
A small journal to write down thoughts and tips – tend to forget things
Shower gel
Digital Camera
Handy cam
Extra batteries & rolls
DVD player
Medical file
A baby book to get the foot prints in
A bottle of champagne or sparkling cider for celebrating
A large envelope to bring home documents (discharge papers, Baby’s first photo, etc.)
A nightlight (for soft light in the room during night feedings)
A writing pad and pen to track Baby’s feedings and diaper changes
A picture of a baby to use as a focal point when in labor
A plan on how to get to the hospital, day or night
Extra tape, charger
A supply of snacks for post-delivery sustenance
Admission papers (try to have filled out in advance/some hospitals let you submit them in advance)
Any childbirth class notes or guidelines and labor hints
Any reference book or pamphlet you might need (I prefer The Birth Partner.)
Large trash bag
Cooler with snacks like sandwiches, fruit and energy bars -Try to have something that  doesn’t have strong odors- Select non-perishable and foods that are not strong in odour,      you don’t want to upset mom’s tummy!
Hand mirror to see your baby being born
Headache medicine (Dad may get a tension headache and most hospitals will not give a father medication)
Health Insurance Forms
Digital camera and USB cords to download pics to my laptop (again so I can send them here!)
Hot Water Bottle/Heating Pad
Insurance and identification cards (Health plan, driver’s license, state ID, etc.)
Note pad and pen (remember you will have no memory) and tissues.
Smaller trash bag to use if vomiting en route to hospital
Some soothing music for labour and crazy music for delivery
Hand-held individual plastic fan
Razor w/ extra blade
Water bottles for ice
Water mister/spray bottle
Waterproof mattress cover
Waterproof pads for the car ride
2 chocolate bars (for energy /mood)
Ice cold Seven Up to drink during labor
Birthing ball for labor
Mints or breath strips (helpful if medications or anesthesia cause vomiting during labour)
Olive Oil for massage during labour Unopened bottle of Vitamin E oil or Olive Oil for      perineal support
Car seat
A large gym bottle for drinking fluids during labor
Rin/clothes washing soap

This time I’m bringing hard candy (titbits) to suck on during labor. Sometimes they won’t let you drink anything and your mouth gets real dry. 🙂

Mama’s Bag


Cellphone and cell charger
Massage Cream for back & feet
3 Maternity nighties
6 Undergarments
Nipple cream
Body pillow
A comfortable robe and a pair of slippers with no backs that you can slip on your feet
2 or 3 nightgown
3 to 4 nursing bras and nursing pads
6 to 8 t-shirts
A knee length nightie for delivery & those walks down the halls of the hospital (no bum showing!)
Breastfeeding book
Focal Object (If this is something you would like to use during labor)
Going home outfit for mom (You will still be look to be about 6 months pregnant)
Massage oil (recommended in most childbirth classes)
Lanolin breast cream
Lansinoh cream
Massage aids- tennis balls, rolling pin, frozen juice cans, wooden massagers
Pairs of disposable panties and sanitary pads for during the hospital stay
Pillow from home with a pillowcase other than white to distinguish your pillow from the      hospitals
Mcvities, biscuits & cold milk to stop nausea
Hair Brush
Lip moisturizer
Hard candy
Lots of panties
Sanitary pads
Make-up kit
Favourite bedroom slippers

Bring open foot sandals or slippers that you can wear outside, just in case. I swelled up so much with my first that I wasn’t able to put my shoes on afterward & had to ask for ER booties to wear over my socks so I could walk to the car.

Baby’s Bag


Receiving blanket
Warm cap
1 thick blanket
2 pairs of socks
2 onsies
1 sleeper
Baby emery board for filing finger and toe nails
Baby nail clippers
Baby soap
Large cotton wool balls
Baby Powder
Baby soap-fragrance and dye free
Baby wash/shampoo
2 hats
Hooded bath towel
Pillow for baby (donut type)
1 pair of mittens so he/she doesn’t scratch it’s face
Diaper rash ointment
Baby lotion
Baby brush
24 ounce bottles
4 to 6 eight ounce bottles
4 to 6 pairs of booties
Burp cloths pacifier
Pj’s with the covers for the little hands (baby nails are sharp)
12 diapers
Pack of baby wipes
2 outfits to bring the baby home in (the reason I have two is just to be prepared for      anything, Both outfits include socks, hat, light jacket and pants with one side underneath)
Food and beverages for Dad or other support people; Food for mom if allowed
Labor tools (rice sock, happy massager, birthing ball, aromatherapy oils, etc
Plastic drink bottles with cap and straw
Bottled water
Breastfeeding pillow
Diaper bag
Heat/Cold Packs – heat or cold packs are great for mother’s lower back. Cool cloths are      great for mom’s forehead in active labor through pushing
Something water proof to protect the carpet or sofa or bed or wherever we end up
Clean old sheets – for putting over the plastic to create a non – slip surface. Also useful to      have old sheets on the bed for the first night after the birth
A hot water bottle to ease some of the backache and contractions during labour, this is      also useful for helping with after pains
Make up some ice cubes of frozen fruit juice which are good to suck on in labour
Nourishing, easily digested snacks of choice, yoghurts, cereal bars, dextrose tablets,  bananas, honey, etc.
Nourishing fluids of choice: Aqua Libra, Ginger ale, Fruit Juices, etc.
A water plant spray is good for cooling off labouring women
Bendy Straws. In strong labour a thirsty woman, who doesn’t want to move from hands      and knees, can drink easily from bendy straw
Box of large tissues
Bin liners and a large box to hold all rubbish without spilling over
A soft big old towel to cover mum and baby together after the birth
Maternity sanitary pads (maternity ones that are large, soft and absorbent)
A good supply of small soft towels to wrap and dry baby
A freezer full of easy prepare meals or ready meals or pal on hand to feed you all
Champagne or celebratory drink of choice in the fridge
Expensive chocolates of choice

Sign for the door: Amit and Sakshi have had a lovely baby. Please Ring before coming in 🙂

Plastic bag to put your dirty clothes in, if you transfer to hospital
Newborn nappies
Cartons of juice/drink
Glucose tablets or other food
Flannel or sponge for mopping mother’s brow