Types of School Franchises Available in India

Education is a growing sector which provides the aspiring edupreneurs with prospective business opportunities, to enter into the education industry. Today, the high demand for quality education in India has made school franchises one of the most lucrative business options available. The business of franchising, especially the school franchises, are considered to be low on investment and high on returns with a break-even period within first two years of operations. These factors all together have attracted many ambitious people to take up school franchises and start their entrepreneurial journey in the field of education.

However, when we talk about taking up , there are innumerable options to choose from. Given below are the types of school franchises available in India:

  • Preschools
  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • K-12 schools

Amongst all the school franchises given above, opting for a primary school franchise is an intelligent decision. This is because quality primary schools are on high demand in India, as elementary education has been made compulsory for children in the age group 6-14 years, by the government. Moreover, it is advised to start with a primary school, which can later be upgraded to a secondary school and then to full-fledged senior secondary school.


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The entire procedure to buy a school franchise is very simple; all you need to do is have a sound financial background and good years of experience in the entrepreneurial field. Now, go through the steps given below to know the procedure in detail:

  • Initially, you need to find out the school brands that provide franchise opportunities and shortlist the best from amongst them.
  • Then, you need to fix a meeting with the concerned person of the franchising school in order to know about their offer and operations.
  • If satisfied with the franchisor’s offer, you need to fill the franchise application form and pay the initial franchise fee to the franchisor along with a set of documents, as specified by the franchisor.
  • Next, you need to look for a location which offers a calm & peaceful environment. Once you find the appropriate location, get the location and land area approved by the franchisor.
  • Prior to the construction of the school building, you are required to obtain the NOC from the Department of Education (DoE). Also, get the blue print of the school building designed by a professional architect and submit it to the franchisor for their approval.
  • Next, you have to begin with the construction, woodwork, whitewashing and interiors.
  • Subsequently, you need to purchase the essential school supplies like furniture, stationery, uniforms, sports equipment, lab apparatuses etc.
  • Further, you need to advertise your new school in the neighbouring areas. For this, you may consult the marketing department of the parent school to get an access to their marketing material which is prepared by experienced professionals.
  • Last but not the least, hire staff for your school and declare admissions open.

This simple procedure will help you buy a school franchise. However, the most important thing is to select the best school franchise. Today, one of the most trusted and leading brands in the formal school education sector is SHEMFORD. SHEMFORD is the fastest growing school chain in India which is spread across 19 states with 100+ branches. Getting associated with SHEMFORD will not only provide you an access to an established brand name, but will also help you to gain respect in the society. So, hurry, click on the tab ‘Enquire for School Franchise’, fill the franchise application form and become a proud member of the SHEMFORD family!


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Preschool and Senior Secondary School Franchising

Both preschool and senior secondary school franchising have become one of the most sought after forms of educational franchises. Every prospective school franchisee should have a proper business plan for school franchising that should elaborate upon some fundamental issues. A prospective school franchisee can seek the help of a franchise consultant when creating a business plan for school franchising.

Business plan for school and Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement is a legally binding document that describes the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. For any prospective school franchisee, it is imperative to have a proper business plan. A business plan for school franchisee needs a well-defined franchise agreement that explains the franchisor’s expectations from the franchisee with regards to the acceptance of a certain business format and future growth prospects.

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The franchise agreement is designed in such a way that it lists all the privileges a prospective franchisee would enjoy. When the franchisee makes a business plan for school franchise, he can check out the franchise agreement to measure the extent of help that would be provided in terms of infrastructure, advertising, marketing and management for the proposed preschool/school and effectively calculate his level of involvement and probable costs that would be incurred.

Business plan for school and FDD

Some people might confuse a franchise agreement with a FDD — Franchise Disclosure Document. FDD is different, as it is a legal document that has to be provided by a franchisor to the prospective franchisee before any document of sale is signed or finalized. The business plan for school franchises would depend upon the FDD for providing the relevant information that helps the franchisee in making an informed decision about the school/preschool brand’s market worth. The FDD is provided before signing the final documents.

FDD and Franchise Agreement

A business plan for school franchising would include a FDD that would also provide comprehensive information about the franchisor’s financial background. The franchisor has to disclose lawsuits or bankruptcies in this FDD. Whereas, a franchise agreement is important to the business plan for school franchising because it outlines the franchisor’s expectations and responsibilities.  It consists of—

  • Explanation of Contract
  • Operations Manual
  • Proprietary-related statements —they directly affect a franchisee’s method of operation. A prospective school franchise would need to know the marketing/advertising procedures advocated by the franchisor when creating a business plan for school franchising.
  • Ongoing support from franchisor
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