Education Bill Can Be A Boon To Preschools

As education experts wait in anticipation for the results of Right to Education bill, preschools may pay heed to their services and be ready for additional responsibilities. Right now, there is a lot of debate on reforming the education system and to endorse the best practices.

Arguments over school admissions have received the maximum attention. It is believed that thief the bill makes it all through the process, students from class I may have to appear for entrance tests to get admission in a school.

If children from class I have to appear in the test, somebody has to prepare them for the test. That is where preschools come in handy. Therefore, additional responsibilities will have to be shared by the parents and the preschools that train and prepare children to face interviews and tests.

Right to Education Bill

The Union Cabinet has finally passed the Right to Education Bill. This controversial Bill had been deferred twice before. It had earlier faced opposition from the Law, Finance ministries where the major issue was the financial contribution of each state. The Right to Education Bill essentially means that every child in the age group of 6-to-14 has a right to elementary education that is provided free and compulsory and is of equitable quality and available in an accessible area.

This Bill is aimed at setting up certain minimum standards for public and private schools. This would eventually mean raising the worth of educational facilities across the nation. The government is very positive as it realises that the Bill would also help to restrict the problems of child labour and malnutrition. However, the Bill might still face hurdles as it has a clause that makes it compulsory for the private schools to reserve nearly 25% of the seats for the unprivileged and poor children.