School Franchises Opportunities in Bangalore

Nowadays, business franchising is the most popular and a very successful way to expand any kind of business. This is because it helps you to earn huge profits without involving high capital risk. Moreover, with the entry of many entrepreneurs in business fraternity, franchising has become evident these days. In India, franchising in the education sector has become a hit, specifically in 10+2 segment. Moreover, opting for a franchise opportunity from a well-known brand in this sector is beneficial in following ways.

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Benefits of school franchise opportunity in Bangalore:

    • It is an intelligent decision to be a part of a renowned group of schools than setting up an entirely new school on your own.
    • Franchising business generally involves all cash and no-credit policy which is beneficial for both the franchisor and the franchisee.
    • Further, school franchise opportunity offers timely assistance from the franchisor at the time of selecting a location for your school.
    • The franchising school also helps you in the construction and designing of your school building.
    • The franchising school also helps you in the recruitment process for hiring qualified staff for your school in Bangalore. You may also resort to the franchisor to provide training to the administrative staff, principal and teachers.
    • Taking up a school franchise saves a lot on promotional activities and enables you to reap benefits of the brand recognition of the franchising school.
    • As a franchisee, your school will be provided with a well-developed curriculum which will further reduce your efforts involved in the academic research.
    • You will be provided with administrative manuals to ensure a smooth running of your school.

These factors together make school franchising in Bangalore, a lucrative venture. If you too want to take up a school franchise for opening a 10+2 school in Bangalore, then get associated with SHEMFORD – the leading pioneers in the educational fraternity. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools offer a successful franchise model that will help you to avail benefits in terms of expert support and guidance from the SHEMFORD’s Corporate Office. So, complete a few formalities and click here to fill the simple Franchise Application Form.


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Norms for Opening a CBSE School

The Central Board of Secondary Education abbreviated as the CBSE is the apex board of education that grants affiliation to Government aided, private and public schools across the country. It is a recognized board of education that affiliates international schools as well. The schools affiliated to CBSE are considered amongst the most reputed and preferred schools. Hence, it has become essential for the new schools to seek affiliation under this board. However, CBSE grants three types of affiliation depending upon the time period involved. They are-


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    1. Provisional affiliation (for a period of 3 years, subject to fulfillment of the norms)
    2. Regular affiliation (just one time if the school satisfies all the norms) &
    3. Permanent affiliation (to those schools which have been provisionally affiliated for a period of 10 years or more)

Being the apex board of education, the CBSE board has laid down various norms which have to be adhered to, to seek its affiliation. Various norms to be fulfilled to open a CBSE school are listed as follows:

    • Society/Trust running the school
      The Society/Trust running the school should be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or the Indian Trust Act, 1882 respectively which will ensure the non-proprietary nature of the school. Also, the formation of the Society/Trust should conform to the rules laid down by the State Government where the school is located.
    • School Managing CommitteeEvery school which is affiliated to CBSE should necessarily have a School Managing Committee (except for schools that are directly run by the Education Department of the Government of the State/U.T.)
    • Financial Resources The school should possess sufficient funds to ensure smooth functioning and for stability in the long run. The school should have a permanent source of income to incur the running expenses. Also, no part of the income from the school should be used by the Society/Trust or the management or any other individual for any personal purpose.
    • Infrastructural Facilities The school should have basic infrastructural facilities such as spacious classrooms with suitable furniture, hygienic sanitation conditions, a huge playground, a library with sufficient reading and study material, Science labs, computer rooms etc. Apart from this, a school should also have a medical room to safeguard the health of the students.
    • Admission of Students The students should be enrolled without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, colour or religion. However, the admission regarding SC/ST/OBC students may vary depending upon the location of the school.
    • Staff and Service ConditionsEvery school should have adequate teaching staff having necessary qualifications laid down for various posts by the CBSE board. It must be ensured that the student teacher ratio does not exceed 30. Also, the school should have well-defined conditions service as per the norms of State/U.T. Government and should issue letters of appointment to the employees at the time of joining service.
    • Fees Structure The fee charged by the school should be nominal and under the heads prescribed by the Department of Education of the State/U.T. and as per the facilities provided by the school. Also, the acts of attaining voluntary donations for gaining admissions in the school or for any other purpose must be discouraged. In case of such malpractices, the Board may take strict actions which may lead to disaffiliation of the school.

The Board reserves the right to inspect the school premises, without any prior intimation. Therefore, the school seeking affiliation to the CBSE board should furnish unaltered facts and figures. However, there is one name in the education sector that is SHEMFORD Futuristic School that abides by the Board’s norms and guidelines. So, join SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools– a leading chain of 10+2 schools with over 75+ branches in India. Click here to Fill the Franchise Application Form  and be a part of the leading chain of schools.


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