How to Buy a School Franchise

In India, the lack of quality education at the elementary level has led to the growth of the private schooling sector in India. Moreover, today, parents also prefer to send their children to private schools that are well-established and are capable of providing world-class schooling experience to their children. As a result of this growing demand for more private schools, many business persons are considering shifting to the education industry. So, to cater to the demands of such business persons, many school brands are giving franchises of school in India. Franchising is a surefire method of starting a business successfully. It’s a win-win situation for the two parties namely, the franchisor and the franchisee. In case you are considering franchises of school in India, go through the pointers mentioned below, which will give you an idea about the basic procedure to buy a school franchise.

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  • First of all, make a list of all the prospective franchises of school in India and enquire about the franchise fee that they are charging and other details. After going through all the details, have a word with your legal advisor and select the best franchise option.
  • Then, obtain the franchise application form of the selected franchise and submit it after properly filling in all the details. Along with the submission of the franchise application form, also submit the initial franchise fee, as specified by the franchisor.
  • After this, either look for a land yourself and get the land & location approved by the management or seek the franchisor’s help in the selection of an appropriate site. Subsequently, obtain the NOC from the State Government and begin with the construction process.
  • Simultaneously, sign the franchise agreement, get approved the guidelines laid down by the school organisation.
  • Further, start with the whitewashing of the school building and interior decoration. Also, purchase sufficient and safe furniture, lab equipment & apparatuses, stationary material etc. for your school.
  • Later, get in touch with the PR and the advertising department of the franchising school, to have an access to the professionally prepared marketing material. This will help you to effectively promote your new branch in the neighbouring locality.
  • At last, employ qualified staff by conducting interviews within the school premises. You can also consult a placement agency, which can help you in appointing competent staff for your school.

This is the basic procedure to buy a school franchise. The only thing that you need to be careful of is the selection of a good franchise. In India, there are innumerable options available. However, an excellent brand in the field of education, which stands out amongst the rest is the SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools. With over 100 branches located in 19 states, the school chain is spread across the entire length and breadth of the country. It is because of the successful franchising, that today SHEMFORD is counted amongst one of the leading school brands in the education industry. So, get associated with SHEMFORD and make your contribution in the noble field of education. To get started, click on the tab ‘Enquire for School Franchise‘.

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Franchising and Brand Value

Understanding the Brand Value

Brand equity or value is basically a measure of the total value of a particular brand, i.e. this kind of evaluation is done in a very comprehensive manner. A brand could be in the form of an indefinable asset and the established market value of a franchisor could be more than the countable/physical assets like land, employees, machines, etc. Brand value is decided mainly by the market demand and in that regard, by the customer loyalty — the extent of customers who repeatedly by goods of the same brand. Therefore, brands offering their franchise merely aren’t offering a business opportunity but also the market goodwill and reputation that have been established over the years. A franchisee in turn benefits from immediate recognition as the brand already has a market presence which translates into immediate customer presence and thus, the profits begin pouring in much sooner as compared to a traditional business venture.

Regional Factors — brands offering their franchise have to be very careful about the regional, geographical locations proposed by the franchisee for setting up a branch. This is because of several factors.


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  1. The franchisor’s brand may be very market specific. For example, luxury brands like the very high-end watch segment has a very limited and highly profitable customer base. Now, these customers would usually be found in the most reputable urban locales. If the franchisor decides to open a branch in semi-urban, rural or township kind of an area, the credibility and the exclusiveness associated with the brand would dip. This would mean that the existing customers would associate the brand with lesser prestige value. Combined together, these factors would eventually lead to erosion of the brand’s worth and demand.
  2. The franchisee location is very important for brands offering their franchise with regards to the concentration factor. For example, in the southern part of a city a company may already have two fully-functional and profitable franchisees. Now, if the parent company decides to award a third franchise opportunity in the same area, it could eat into the profit margin of the existing franchisees. This also means less-than-expected returns for the new franchisee. The density of a brand in a region also decides the exclusiveness of a brand. There is a thin line separating exclusiveness and availability and the franchisor has to take care of that.
  3. Brands offering their franchise have to take calculate the future prospects of a given region. For example, in India, there are many semi-urban areas that cannot presently offer the customer volume of a metropolitan but in the near future have the potential to provide greater customer numbers. It makes sense to establish low-profit oriented but growth-assured kind of franchises in such areas.


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